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Administrative Region : Central Macedonia
Regional unit : Chalkidiki

Lakkoma (Λάκκωμα) Chalkidiki

Lakkoma is a large semi-mountainous settlement and homonymous Municipal District of the Municipality of Propontis in the prefecture of Chalkidiki. According to the latest 2011 census, it has 1,171 inhabitants. Its location is above the bridge of the National Road Thessaloniki - Nea Moudania. The inhabitants are engaged in industry and agriculture. There is a Craft Ecological Park in the area with the aim of producing biofuel. A cultural association is active with a dance group and also with a theater and cinema group. There is also the Pontian Association [1] and the East Coast Association. In the village there is also a Sports Center with swimming pools of Olympic standards and a hostel for hosting athletes from all over the world. In a place full of pines, there is also a refreshment room. There is a kindergarten and a primary school in the settlement. The local football team Digenis is also based in Lakkoma [2], which competes in the A 'amateur category of the EPS championship. Halkidiki and was founded in 1958. Also in 2010, AS SOTOKAN KARATE LAKKOMATOS was founded [3] with the world champion Papadopoulos Costas as the teacher and Stergios Tzilias as the President of the Association.

Historical and folklore data

The chapel of Prophet Elias, which is located on the top of a hill, northeast of Lakkoma, dates back to Byzantine times. In his yard he has stone sculptures, made of the off-white stone of the area. From there you can also see the fertile plain and the surrounding area with hills.

Pontian Association of Lakkoma

Lakkoma is a refugee village with residents from the unforgettable Pontus and Eastern Thrace. It is the first village at the entrance of Chalkidiki from the prefecture of Thessaloniki and belongs to the Municipality of Nea Propontida.

The Pontian inhabitants came after the great uprooting from the homeland of Kotyora (Ordou), from the area of ​​Hapsamana - Tsambasi and from the villages of Giolkioi, Messalan, Pernetsuk, Egribel, Adouz, Mesundie, Meleta and Meleta. The difficulties they faced were many and inhumanly inaccessible, but they managed with unimaginable diligence, patience and perseverance to cultivate the then barren land, with efforts and sacrifices to take root, create families and provoke in all areas. They kept us intact and spread to us our customs and traditions, traditions, culture and history as they were brought from the unforgettable Pontus.

Based on all this and the need to preserve, preserve and pass them on to the younger generations, as well as the right to memory, the idea of ​​a cultural institution of all these aspirations was created. Thus, in 1980, the Association of Pontians of Lakkoma, Chalkidiki, was born.

To achieve the goals of our association, there are three dance departments (small, adolescent, large), a Pontian lyre learning department, a choir department and a theater department. Also in the hall of the association there is a Folklore Museum, a permanent Exhibition of Photographic material (both from Pontos and from the life of the inhabitants of the village from the previous decades) as well as a Library.

With all this, the association participates in the social becoming and displays intense activity with speeches, lectures, dance and theatrical performances both in Greece (Thessaloniki, Katerini, Kilkis, Giannitsa, Chalkidiki, etc.) and abroad (Chicago, Stuttgart, Frankfurt). .

Thus, he contributes with respect and responsibility to the continuation of the three-thousand-year history of the Greek Nation.

The Association of Pontians of Lakkoma is one of the founding members of the Papontian Federation of Greece (POE).
Association of East Coastal Locomotives

Agios Modestos Association of Orientalists of Lakkoma was founded in 2003. It is housed in a privately owned space granted to it by the Municipality of Kallikrateia, in the central square of Lakkoma and has about 200 members.


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