Cleostratus of Tenedos (c. 536 BC) mathematician , astronomer, author of an astronomical poem.

He is mentioned by Pliny the Elder :

"Anaximander Miletus traditur primus Olympiade quinquagesima octava, signa deinde in eo Cleostratus, et prima arietis ac sagittarii, sphaeram ipsam ante multo Atlas."

Cleostratus is also mentioned by Hyginus (De astronomia):

Hos autem haedos Cleostratus Tenedius dicitur primus inter sidera ostendisse...

According to Pliny Cleostratus introduced the division of the Zodiac into signs, beginning with Aries and Sagittarius

Cleostratus introduced the Octaetris (8 years period) to match the solar and lunar period.

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