In Greek mythology, Idas (/ˈiːdəs/, Ancient Greek: Ἴδας, translit. Ídas) may refer to the following individuals:

Idas, son of Aphareus[1]
Idas, also called Acesidas, one of the Dactyls who represented the "little finger".[2]
Idas, an Egyptian prince as son of Aegyptus and Hephaestine. He married Hippodice, daughter of Danaus who killed him during their wedding night.[3]
Idas, one of the Ethiopian Chiefs, was in the court of Cepheus when the fight broke between Perseus and Phineus. He kept neutral, but was nevertheless accidentally killed by Phineus.[4]
Idas, son of Clymenus and Epicaste, brother of Harpalyce and Therager[5]
Idas, an Athenian son of Arcas and one of the Sacrificial victims of the Minotaur.[6]
Idas, an Elean from Pisa who participated in the foot-race at Opheltes' funeral games. During the war of the Seven against Thebes he came in succour of Hippomedon, one of the Seven.[7]
Idas, a man from Onchestus. He was a defender of Thebes in war of the Seven against Thebes and was slain by Tydeus.[8]

Idas, one of those comrades of Diomedes in Italy who turned into birds.[9]
Idas, one of the soldiers of Aeneas in Italy. He was killed by Turnus, the man who opposed Aeneas in Italy.[10]

Greek Mythology

Rape of Marpessa: Apollo (left, with Artemis) and Idas (right, with Marpessa) are separated by Zeus

Greek Mythology

Apollo, Iris, Marpessa and Idas


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Greek Mythology

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