Catalogue of Greek/Roman Mythology related Drawings / Paintings / Sculptures

Chronological ordered (if possible)

(C) extended comments about the work

Centaur, Terracotta, Staatliche Antikensammlungen, End of 8th century

* Statues from Temple at Dreros, c. 700 BC., beaten bronze. Male figure 31 1/2". (possibly Apollo with mother Leto and sister Artemis)

Blinding of Polyphemus, Aristonothos Krater c. 680/70 BC

Sphinx , Staatliche Antikensammlungen, c. 680 BC

Perseus Louvre CA937, c. 670 BC

Odysseus and his men blinding the cyclop Polyphemus, Eleusis, c. 650 BC

Plate Euphorbos, BM GR1860.4-4.1 c. 600 BC

Slaying of Cycnus (Kyknos) by Heracles, Black-Figure Corinthian Amphora, 7th century BC, Munich

Eurytios and Heracles at symposium, with Iole Corinthian column krater: c. 600/590 BC

Leto wiith her infants, Apollo and Artemis from a Vase in the British Museum., 6th century BC

Centaur, bronze Campo de Caravaca (Murcia, Spain) probably from Greece., 6th century BC

Heracles and Nereus, c. 590/80 BC

Siren, Louvre CA1629 580/70 BC.

Calydonian Boar Hunt Louvre E612Bis c. 580 BC

Achilles, Thetis, Louvre E869 575/550 BC

Theseus and the Minotaur, Castellani Painter 575/550 BC

Heracles, Dianeira and Nessus. Attic black-figured hydria, ca. 575/50 BC.

Sphinx. Tondo from a black-figure Laconian cup, c. 570 BC

The François volute krater c. 570 BC, See also Francois Vase

Polyxena and Troilos , Achilles, CA6113 570/65 BC

Heracles and Triton, BM GR1947-7-14-16 c. 570/560 BC

Theseus, Castellani Painter, c. 570 / 550 BC

The Sacrifice of Polyxena Athenian black-figure amphora, c. 570-550 BC

Birth of Athena Louvre CA616 C Painter 570/60 BC

Zeus Naucratis Painter Louvre E668, c. 560 BC

Agamemnon and Talthybius Samothrace Relief c. 560 BC

Tydeus and Ismene. Side A from a Corinthian black-figure amphora, c. 560 BC

Lernaean Hydra Louvre E851 c. 560/55 BC

Birth of Athene: Phrynos Painter, c 560/50 BC

Thetis and the Nereids mourning Achilles , Louvre E643 c 560/50 BC

Cadmus fighting the dragon c. 560/50 BC

Judgement of Paris Louvre F31 c. 560/50 BC

Heracles and Pholus (?), Rider Painter c. 560/40 BC

Zeus darting its lightning on Typhon (Typhoeus), c. 550 BC

Nike of Delos, c. 550 BC

Sphinx from Spata, c. 550 BC

Wrestling of Peleus and Atalanta for the funerary games of king Pelias c. 550 BC.

Poseidon, Louvre CA452 550/25 BC

Heracles and the Erymanthian boar, BM B213, c. 550 BC

Nike BM GR 1824.4-97.21 (Bronze 491) , c. 550 BC

Herakles fighting Triton Louvre F51 Attic hydria, ca. 540 BC.

Poseidon, Amasis Painter CdM Luynes678 550/530 BC

Heracles pursues Kyknos ( Athena , Ares Zeus parts the fighters) Attic black-figured amphora, c. 550/30 BC.

Heracles entering Olympus, Louvre F30 550/530 BC

Heracles and the Nemean Lion. Side A from a black-figure amphora, 560/40 BC

Heracles and the Nemean Lion. Side B from an black-figure Attic amphora, ca. 540 BC.

Theseus and the Minotaur. Side A from an black-figure Attic amphora, ca. 540 BC.

Heracles fighting Geryon, Louvre F55 c. 540 BC

Heracles Iolaos and Athena c. 540 BC

Achilles watching out for Troïlus. Rider Painter , Laconian black-figure cup, ca. 550/40 BC.

The Death of Priam, c. 540 BC

Athena with aegis, CdM DeRidder254, c 540 BC

Geryon and Orthrus. CdM De Ridder 223 c 540 BC

Heracles fighting Cycnus. Amasis Painter, ca. 540 BC.

Heracles and Geryon. Side A from an Attic black-figure amphora, ca. 540 BC

Heracles fighting Geryon (dying Orthrus and Eurytion on the ground), c 540 BC

Dionysus and Icarius, BM B153 c. 540/20 BC

Heracles and Cycnus, Zeus Athena and Ares, BMB364 c. 540/510 BC

Achilles and Penthesilea, Exekias BM B209 c. 540/530 BC.

Poseidon and Polybotes, Louvre F226 c. 540/30 BC.

Heracles and Cycnus, Princeton Painter BM B212 540/30 BC

Herakles fighting the Lernaean Hydra. Manner of the Princeton Painter, Attic black-figure amphora, 540/30 BC

Heracles and the Ceryneian Hind BM B231 540/30 BC

Hermes, Io and Argus. black-figure amphora, 540/30 BC

Hunting centaurs 540/30 BC

Judgement of Paris Antimenes Painter, c 530 BC

Heracles fighting the Amazons. Attic black-figure hydria, c. 530 BC

Dionysos in a ship, sailing among dolphins (pirates). Exekias Attic black-figure kylix, ca. 530 BC

Heracles entering Olympus. Amasis Painter, Attic black-figure olpe, 550/30 BC

Heracles and the Ceryneian Hind, Louvre F 234bis 530/20 BC

Heracles and Cerberus. Side A from an Attic bilingual amphora, Andocides, 530/20 BC

Heracles and Amazons, Louvre F218 530/20 BC

Zeus and Hermes: Chimaera Painter, c 530/20 BC

Apotheosis of Herakles Louvre F294, Lysippides Painter, c 530/20 BC

Vintage by satyrs and maenads. Attic black-figure cup, Chiusi Painter end of 6th century BC

Plate sphinx BM GR1965.9-30.705 6th century BC.

Centauromachy, MA Florence 6th century BC.

Athena Pallas and Enceladus fighting. Athenian red figure dish by Oltos (?), c. 525 BC.

Heracles, Cerberus and Eurystheus. black-figured Caeretan hydria, ca. 525 BC

"Cholchos" Oinochoe 575/525 BC

Heracles and Busiris British Museum E38. 525/475 BC.

Heracles and the Nemean Lion c. 535/20 BC

Heracles and Apollo fighting for the delphic tripod, Andocides potter, c. 525 BC

Dispute of Heracles and Apollo for the Delphic tripod Louvre F341 c. 520 BC

Odysseus Ajax Louvre F340, c. 520 BC

Aphrodite and Ares , Oltos Painter? , c. 520 BC

Herakles Alkyoneus Cdm Paris 322 , c. 520 BC

Dispute of Herakles and Apollo for the Delphic tripod. Madrid Painter, Side A from an Attic black-figure hydria, ca. 520 BC

Heracles amd the Nemean Lion, BM B621 c. 520/500 BC

Apollo and Heracles and the Tripod, Deiniades (Potter), Phintias Painter, Munich 2590 , c. 520 BC

Ajax with Achilles, Louvre F201 520/10 BC

Heracles and Geryon Louvre F115, c. 520/10 BC

Heracles strangling the Nemean Lion, surrounded by Iolaus and Athena. Attic black-figure amphora, 520/10 BC.

Dionysus, satyr and maenad , Psiax ? . Side B from an Attic red-figure calyx-krater, 520/510 BC

Aeneas and Anchises , Louvre F118 c. 520/10 BC

Theseus and the Minotaurus Louvre G67 c. 520/10 BC

Heracles and Pholus Louvre MNE940 c. 520/10 BC

The Minotaur; kalos inscription. Tondo of an Attic bilingual kylix, Painter of London E 4, ca. 515 BC

Heracles against the Giant wrestler Antaeus, Signed by Euphronios (painter), attributed to Euxitheos (potter), 515/10 BC

Hermes kriophoros ("ram carrier"). Attic black-figure olpe, 515/10 BC

Heracles and the Nemean Lion. Euphronios, Fragment from a Attic red-figure calyx-krater, 515/510 BC.

Achilles and Ajax, c. 510 BC

Hector, Priam and Hecuba, Euthymides, c. 510 BC

Heracles binds the Cretan bull. Attic black-figure amphora, c. 510 BC

Erymanthian Boar Louvre G17 c. 510 BC

Thetis and Peleus Pelike Pioneer group Louvre G65 510/00 BC

Dionysus and his thiasos. Euxitheos, potter (signature); Euphronios, painter, Attic red-figure krater, 510/00

Dispute of Heracles and Apollo for the Delphic tripod. Attic black-figure amphora, Louvre c. 510/00 BC

Thetis (or other Nereid), Boston Museum of Fine Arts Manner of Circle of Euthymides 510/500 BC

Heracles freeing the bound Prometheus, Louvre MNE1309 c. 500 BC

Aeneas carrying Anchises on his back during the fall of Troy , attributed to the Diosphos painter c. 500 BC.

God council in Olympus: Hermes with his mother Maia. ,Nikoxenos Painter c. 500 BC.

Achilles bandaging the wounds of Patroclus, Berlin F 2278 c. 500 BC

Nessus transpierced by Heracles' arrows , Oineus. Attic white-ground lekythos, c. 500 BC

Death of Aegisthus , Glyptotek, late 6th c. BC

One of the Dioscuri on a horse carried by a Triton, Locri Epizephiri 5th c. BC

Europa and Zeus, Berlin Painter , 500 / 490 BC

Ecstatic maenad with thyrsus attributed to Kleophrades, c. 500/490 BC

Theseus, Athena and Amphitrite Euphronios , c. 500/490 BC

Death of Sarpedon. Side A from an Attic black-figured neck-amphora, 500/490 BC

Heracles fighting Cycnus , 500/490 BC

Ganymede, Berlin Painter, 500 / 490 BC

Satyrs Douris 500 / 490 BC

Thetis and Peleus, Louvre CA2569 c. 500/475 BC

Pinax: Eros, Hermes and Aphrodite, Locri/Calabria c. 490/460 BC

Ilioupersis Louvre Brygos G152 490 BC,

Thetis raped by Peleus Douris, CdM 539 c. 490 BC



Tecmessa covers the body of the dead Ajax , Brygos painter c. 490 BC

Hermes and the Silene Oreimachos, Berlin Painter c. 490 BC

* Nyx, Brygos Painter, Berlin, Germany after 490 BC,

Heracles and the Stymphalian birds. Attic black-figure amphora, 500/490 BC.

Herakles at a symposium. Berlin Painter , Attic red-figure bell-krater, c. 500/490 BC

Sciron beaten by Theseus. Detail from an Attic red-figure cup,Euphronios, potter ; Onesimos, painter 500/490 BC

Achilles and Hector, Louvre G153 c. 490/480 BC

Satyrs in wineyard, Berlin Painter c. 490 BC

Heracles and Busiris (?). Kleophrades Painter, c. 490/480 BC

Zeuxo and Chrysippos BM E65 c. 490/480 BC

Aphaia pediment Heracles E-V Glyptothek Munich 84 485/0 BC

The Death of Priam Kleophrades painter, c. 480 BC

Athena visiting the workshop of a sculptor working on a marble horse (Epeius on model of the Trojan horse?). c. 480 BC.

Dionysos, kantharos, Louvre CA2981-2984 c. 490/480 BC

Voting scene BM E69 c. 490/480 BC

Seven against Thebes, Fragments, Kleophrades Painter, Athens Nationalmuseum c. 490 BC

Theseus fighting Skiron, Kerkyon, the Crommyonian Sow and Sinis 490/80 BC

Theseus and Sinis. Tondo of an Attic red-figure kylix, 490/80 BC

Athena, Jason and the Dragon, Duris Painter Vatican 16 545 c. 485 BC

Ajax and Cassandra, Kleophrades, 2422, 480/475 BC

Apollo and the Rave, Pistoxenus Painter, c. 480 BC

Achilles watching out for Polyxena near the fountain . Attic white-ground lekythos, c. 480 BC.

Nike. Attic white-ground lekythos , c. 480 BC.

Cassandra flees the carnage c. 480 BC

Struggle between Heracles and Apollo for the Delphic tripod Louvre G180 c. 480 BC

Hektor ransom BM E75 , c. 480 BC

Dionysos and satyrs. Attic red-figured cup c. 480 BC

Centauromachy. Tondo of an Attic red-figure kylix, ca. 480 BC.

Lernaean Hydra Louvre CA598 c. 500/475 BC

* Cassandra andAjax, Aeneas and Anchises, Kleophrades Painter Naples 2422 c. 480/75 BC

Achilles embassy Louvre G264 480/470 BC

Heracles and Syleus Oionocles Painter , Louvre G210 480/470 BC

Satyr , Macron Attic red-figured cup, c. 480/70 BC.

Heracles strangling snakes 480/470 BC

Odysseus and the Sirens Siren Painter , BM E440 480/470 BC

Theseus and Minotaur, MGEt Inv 20260 480/60 BC

Poseidon and Polybotes Cdm Paris 573 c. 475/70

Medea, Munic 2408 c. 470 BC

Phineus, BM E291 c. 470 BC

Amphora, Antilochus ?, Louvre G213 Tithonos Painter c. 470 BC.

Attic red-figure pelike. Heracles and Busiris. Pan Painterc. 470 BC.

Achilles new arms BM E363 c. 470 BC.

Thoas, Briseis Painter, Pergamon Museum 2300 c. 470 BC

Nike, with kalos inscription. Attic red-figure neck-amphora, ca. 470 BC

Zeus and Ganymede, Olympia c.. 470 BC

Aphrodite Ludovisi 470/60 BC ?

Music Lesson Linus and Iphicles, Pistoxenus c. 470/60

A. Zeus and Ganymede, Pelike, 470-460 B.C.

* Teucer with Attic Helmet and Ajax with a Thrakian Helmet, shield with apron, London, Altamura Painter, c. 465 BC

The winged Boreads rescuing Phineas Louvre G364 c. 460 BC

Aphrodite riding a swan, BM D2 c. Pistoxenos Painter 460 BC

Dolon, Louvre CA1802 c. 460 BC

Peleus and Atalanta, Melian Relief, Pergamonmuseum Inv. 8308 c. 460 BC

* Oenomaus and Sterope from the Zeus Temple in Olympia, East Pediment, c. 460 BC

Calydonian Hunt, Melian Relief, Allard Pierson Museum Amsterdam, c. 460 BC

Philoctetes, Hermonax Louvre G413, c. 460 BC

Geryon Olympia Louvre MA720 c. 460 BC

Menelaus pursues Paris as Aphrodite and Artemis watch on. Side A from an Attic red-figure kylix, c. 490/60 BC

Satyrs and maenads, c. 460 BC

Apollo and a female figure with a wreath , Zannoni Painter., c. 460 B.C.

Theseus and the Crommyonian Sow. Terracotta from the island of Melos, ca. 460 BC

Theseus and the Minotaur. Side A from an Attic red-figure stamnos, ca. 460 BC

Theseus and Procrustes. Side A from an Attic red-figure neck-amphora, 470–460 BC

Apollo, Tityos and a goddess (probably Gaia defending her son). Attic red-figure kylix, 460/50 BC.

Artemis Apollo and the Niobids , Niobid Painter, c. 460/50 BC

Theseus and the Crommyonian Sow. Sotades Painter, Attic red-figure low-foot cup, 460/50 BC

Amazon in front of an altar. Attic red-figure lekythos, 475–450 BC

Heracles and the gathering of the Argonauts (or Heracles in Marathon?). Attic red-figure calyx-krater, 460–/50

Atalante, Euaion Painter, Louvre CA2259 c.450 BC

Artemis and Apollo and an altar, personification of the Delos island. Comacchio Painter. c. 450 BC.

* Capture of Dolon by Odysseus and Diomedes, Krater British Museum F 157 , c. 5/4th century

Amphiaraus, c. 450 BC

Heracles and Achelous Louvre G365 c. 450 BC

Hera and Zeus, Temple E Selinunte c. 450 BC

Zeus and Ganymede , Penthesilea Painter, c. 450 BC

Heracles and Amazon, Temple E Selinunte c. 450 BC

Helen, Menelaus Painter Louvre G424 450/44 BC

The Abduction of Ganymede, Penthesilea Painter, c. 450 BC

Oedipus and Creon, Chicago painter, Ferrara T 19 C VP, c. 450 BC

Theseus and the Minotaur, attic black-figure kylix tondo, c. 450/40 BC

Actaeon's death Louvre CA3482 c. 450/40 BC

Danae, Louvre CA925, c. 450/25 C

Death of Pentheus, Louvre G445 c. 450/25 C

Iris. West pediment , Parthenon, c. 447–/433 BC.

Dionysos Parthenon BM, c. 447–/433 BC.

Andromeda, BM E169, c. 440 BC

Acastus and Polydeuces, Ferrara T 404 c. 440 BC

Phrixus flees from Ino, Amphora Munich 2335 Painter c. 440 BC

Bellerophon, Louvre G 535

Oedipus and the Sphinx, Louvre G 417 c. 440 BC

Zeus, Lyssa, Aktaion and Artemis, c. 440 BC

Nike and Lykaon BM E379 c. 440 BC

Ajax and Cassandra, Louvre G458 440/30 BC

Thetis and Peleus, Ferrara T617 440/30 BC

Dionysus, East Pediment Parthenon c. 438-432 BC

Eos and Helios , British Museum, c. 435 BC

Death of Talos, Salerno Montesarchio c. 430 BC

Artemis in a charriot drawn by hinds. Side A from an Boeotian red-figure calyx-krater, 450/25 BC

Bellerophon, National Archaeological Museum in Athens 2179, 425/20 BC

Nike of Paionios c. 421 BC

Diomedes and Glaucus, MAR Gela c. 420 BC

Sphinx abducting a youth. From Athens. By Polion. About 420 BC.

Apollo, Zeus and Hera. Etruscan red-figure calyx-krater, 420–400 BC

Dioscuri and Heracles, BM E224 420/400 BC

Atalanta and Hippomenes, Dinos painter, Bologna 300, c. 420 BC

Heracles and the centaur Nessos (?). Side A of an Apulian red-figure olpe, c. 420 BC.

Agamemnon, MNA Taranto 410/0 BC

Aphrodite and Adonis, Louvre MNB2109 c 410 BC

Polyphemus and Odysseus with his companions, Lucanian Crater, Cyclops Painter c. 410 BC

Birth of Helen , last decade of the 5th c. BC.

Hera and Athena Samian honorary decree. The relief depicts Hera and Athena, ACMA 1333 Samian decree 403/2 BC

Heracles bringing to Olympus by Athena. Side A from an Attic red-figure pelike, ca 420/00 BC.

Medea flees from Corinth c. 400 BC

Artemis Relief, probably from Athens c. 400 BC

Athena and Hermes at the Judgment of Paris. Attic red-figure squat lekythos, c. 400 BC

Patroclus kills Sarpedon while Glaucus comes to the latter's help. Red-figure hydria by the Policoro Painter, ca. 400 BC

Satyr with aulos, Creusa Painter Louvre MNE987 400/390 BC

Ajax suicide BM F480 400/350 BC

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