In Greek mythology, Euphemus (/juːˈfiːməs/; Ancient Greek: Εὔφημος Eὔphēmos, pronounced [eʊ̯́pʰɛːmos] "reputable") was the name of several distinct characters:

Euphemus, son of Poseidon and an Argonaut.[1]
Euphemus, a descendant of the river god Axius and the father of the hero Eurybarus who defeated the female monster Sybaris.[2]
Euphemus, father of Daedalus by Hyginus,[3] possibly by mistake instead of Eupalamus.
Euphemus, son of Troezenus and a leader of the Thracian Cicones. He was an ally of the Trojans.[4][5] According to late writers, he was killed either by Achilles[6] or by one of the following four: Diomedes, Idomeneus and the two Ajaxes who at one point united to attack the opponents.[7]
Euphemus, surname of Zeus on Lesbos.[8]


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