Pallas Athena
Jan Styka

Jan Styka

Calypso promises immortality to Odysseus,
Death of Odysseus' Companions,
Penelope recognizes Odysseus,
Arrival of Telemachus ,
Telemachus invites Theoclymenus to his boat,
Circe among wild beasts,
Odysseus threatening Circe,
Odysseus on the bed of divine Circe,
The boat of Phaeaceans ,
Beautiful Polycaste ,
Athena inspires Odysseus ,
Penelope on the veranda of her palace,
Consultation of Gods,
Odysseus asking Nausicaa,
Odysseus in front of temple of Athena ,
Telemachus leaves Ithaca for consultation,
Pallas Athena ,
Menelaus and the beautiful Helen ,
Odysseus kisses his native land,
Calypso finds Odysseus,
Hunting boar in the forest ,
Penelope rejects marriage ,
An apparition of a Victory,
The companions fight the Bulls of Helios,
Odysseus on the property of Laertes,
Hermes leads the lamenting Souls,
Odysseus wants to embrace the ghost of his Mother,

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