Heracles, also known as Heracles Mad, is a play by Euripides (c. 416 BC). While Heracles is in the underworld obtaining Cerberus for one of his labors, his father Amphitryon, wife Megara, and children are sentenced to death in Thebes by Lycus. Heracles arrives in time to save them, however Madness (personified as a god) causes him to kill his wife and children in a frenzy. It is the second of two surviving plays by Euripides where the family of Heracles are suppliants (the first being Heracleidae). It was first performed at the Great Dionysia festival and did not win any prize.


  • Edward P. Coleridge, 1891 - prose: full text
  • Aurthur S. Way, 1912 - verse
  • Hugh Owen Meredith, 1937 - verse
  • William Arrowsmith, 1956 - verse

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