Administrative Region : Peloponnese
Regional unit : Korinthia

Manna (Μάννα) Korinthia

Manna or Mana (formerly Markasi or Markasi [1]) is a mountain village in the prefecture of Corinth, near Trikala, Corinth and is located at the foot of Mount Kyllini or Ziria, at an altitude of 860 meters. According to the 2011 census, its population is 476 inhabitants.

General and historical data

The original name of the settlement was Markasi or Markasi and according to the dominant version it is of Arvanite origin, although its inhabitants had Greek as their mother tongue [4] [5]. Another theory wants the name to be Turkish. Its current name was given in 1927 (Government Gazette A 206/1927, Decrees) from the water source (= manna) through which the village was supplied with water.

The village was created in the early 19th century and its first settlers came from Arcadia [4], while by the first half of the 20th century the older inhabitants had retained the linguistic idioms and pronunciation of the place of their distant origin [5] .

Administratively, Manna is a homonymous local community belonging to the municipal unit of Xylokastro of the municipality of Xylokastro - Evrostini.


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Municipal unit Xylokastro
Municipal Community Xylokastro
Mertikaiika (Μερτικαίικα)
Xylokastro (Ξυλόκαστρον, το)
Community Ano Trikala
Ano Trikala (Άνω Τρίκαλα)
Zireia (Ζήρεια, η)
Community Geliniatika
Geliniatika (Γελινιάτικα)
Spartinaiika (Σπαρτιναίικα)
Community Dendro
Dendro (Δένδρον, το)
Community Zemeno
Zemeno (Ζεμενόν, το)
Community Thalero
Thalero (Θαλερόν, το)
Community Throfari
Throfari (Θροφάρι, το)
Community Kamari
Kamari (Καμάρι, το)
Καριώτικα, τα (Τ.Κ.Καμαρίου)
Community Karya
Καριώτικα, τα (Τ.Κ.Καρυάς)
Karya (Καρυά, η)
Community Kato Loutro
Ano Loutro (Άνω Λουτρόν, το)
Kato Loutro (Κάτω Λουτρόν, το)
Community Kato Synoikia Trikalon
Kato Synoikia Trikalon (Κάτω Συνοικία Τρικάλων, η)
Community Korfiotissa
Korfiotissa (Κορφιώτισσα, η)
Community Lagkadaiika
Αμφιθέα, η
Lagkadaiika (Λαγκαδαίικα)
Community Manna
Manna (Μάννα, η)
Community Melissi
Melissi (Μελίσσι, το)
Οικοδομικός Συνεταιρισμός Υπαλλήλων ΔΕΗ, ο
Community Mesi Synoikia Trikalon
Mesi Synoikia Trikalon (Μέση Συνοικία Τρικάλων, η)
Community Nees Vrysoules
Nees Vrysoules (Νέες Βρυσούλες, οι)
Community Xanthochori
Xanthochori (Ξανθοχώρι, το)
Community Panariti
Panariti (Παναρίτι, το)
Community Pellini
Pellini (Πελλήνη, η)
Community Pitsa
Ano Pitsa (Άνω Πιτσά)
Kato Pitsa (Κάτω Πιτσά)
Community Rethi
Rethi (Ρέθι, το)
Community Riza
Valtos (Βάλτος, ο)
Georganatiika (Γεωργανταίικα)
Riza (Ρίζα, η)
Sigeritsa (Σιγερίτσα, η)
Chartsianika (Χαρτσιάνικα)
Community Sofiana
Sofiana (Σοφιανά)
Community Stylia
Stylia (Στύλια)
Community Sykea
Συκέα, η

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