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Administrative Region : Peloponnese
Regional unit : Korinthia

Geliniatika (Greek: Γελινιάτικα; Geliniátika) is a village in the regional unit of Corinth, Greece. The next major settlement is Sykia, approximately 4 km to the north. The local economy is mainly based on traditional smallholding.

At the entrance of the village is the church of St Nicholas which was built around 1960, where originally stood the smaller church of St Nicholas which was built in 1870. Geliniatika village was settled a few years before the 1821 Revolution, by residents from the nearby mountainous Gelini, who would come down towards the coast with their herds to pass the winter, or to find work from the Turkish settlers.

Later, the village was used as a place to pass the winter by the residents of the higher up Spartineika community and few residents of the Lagkadeika community. Nowadays all of Geliniatika's residents are permanent and few go up to Spartineika for the summer.

Primary school students were first taught from 1845-1855 in various homes of the village. In 1900 the first primary school was built; however in 1935 it was demolished. The building of the current primary school commenced in 1932 with the help of the then Education Minister P. Petridis and was completed in November 1935, at the time of Prime Minister Panagis Tsardaris.

Today, the local committee representing the village in the Xylokastro Council consists of: Dimitrios Douvis, Sofia Metzelou, Basileios Giannopoulos, Dimitris Mentzelos and Christos Kordalis.

Municipal unit Xylokastro
Municipal Community Xylokastro
Mertikaiika (Μερτικαίικα)
Xylokastro (Ξυλόκαστρον, το)
Community Ano Trikala
Ano Trikala (Άνω Τρίκαλα)
Zireia (Ζήρεια, η)
Community Geliniatika
Geliniatika (Γελινιάτικα)
Spartinaiika (Σπαρτιναίικα)
Community Dendro
Dendro (Δένδρον, το)
Community Zemeno
Zemeno (Ζεμενόν, το)
Community Thalero
Thalero (Θαλερόν, το)
Community Throfari
Throfari (Θροφάρι, το)
Community Kamari
Kamari (Καμάρι, το)
Καριώτικα, τα (Τ.Κ.Καμαρίου)
Community Karya
Καριώτικα, τα (Τ.Κ.Καρυάς)
Karya (Καρυά, η)
Community Kato Loutro
Ano Loutro (Άνω Λουτρόν, το)
Kato Loutro (Κάτω Λουτρόν, το)
Community Kato Synoikia Trikalon
Kato Synoikia Trikalon (Κάτω Συνοικία Τρικάλων, η)
Community Korfiotissa
Korfiotissa (Κορφιώτισσα, η)
Community Lagkadaiika
Αμφιθέα, η
Lagkadaiika (Λαγκαδαίικα)
Community Manna
Manna (Μάννα, η)
Community Melissi
Melissi (Μελίσσι, το)
Οικοδομικός Συνεταιρισμός Υπαλλήλων ΔΕΗ, ο
Community Mesi Synoikia Trikalon
Mesi Synoikia Trikalon (Μέση Συνοικία Τρικάλων, η)
Community Nees Vrysoules
Nees Vrysoules (Νέες Βρυσούλες, οι)
Community Xanthochori
Xanthochori (Ξανθοχώρι, το)
Community Panariti
Panariti (Παναρίτι, το)
Community Pellini
Pellini (Πελλήνη, η)
Community Pitsa
Ano Pitsa (Άνω Πιτσά)
Kato Pitsa (Κάτω Πιτσά)
Community Rethi
Rethi (Ρέθι, το)
Community Riza
Valtos (Βάλτος, ο)
Georganatiika (Γεωργανταίικα)
Riza (Ρίζα, η)
Sigeritsa (Σιγερίτσα, η)
Chartsianika (Χαρτσιάνικα)
Community Sofiana
Sofiana (Σοφιανά)
Community Stylia
Stylia (Στύλια)
Community Sykea
Συκέα, η

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