Administrative Region : Ionian Islands
Regional unit : Kefalonia

Kourouklata (Κουρουκλάτα) Kefalonia

Kourouklata is a settlement of Kefalonia. Administratively it belongs to the Municipality of Kefalonia of the homonymous prefecture. It is the only settlement of the homonymous municipal district. According to the 2011 census, it has 76 inhabitants. [1] The village is mountainous, very rich in green and overlooking the bay of Argostoli and Lixouri. Due to its location, it has been given the title "the balcony of Kefalonia".

Population table [1]

1991 2001 2011
103 123 76

Historical data

According to the Kefalonian historian Elias Tsitselis, the Kourouklatas took their name from the Benedictine Kourouklis, who came from Epirus. He asserts that "the ancient documents and the coat of arms of the Kourouklis family are in Lixouri under the occupation of Angelos Kourouklis". Of course, this means that he saw them himself at the beginning of the last century, whenever he wrote the "Kefallinian Symbics".

He also gives the information that the Kouroukli family was privileged during the Tokyo dynasty (1357-1479).

That is, the Kourouklides (Kourouklades, the modern name of the inhabitants of the village), were blue-blooded. Elias Tsitselis writes: "In 1454, Leonardo II the Great awarded a diploma to his nobleman and courtier, at which point estates and houses were donated to the house (of the Tokas) in Kefalonia. From the first settler, the village probably got its name. This is a version which is reinforced by the fact that many Homeric toponyms of Kefalonia and ancient names refer to the "practice of the Latin church of Kefalonia" of 1264, but to which no settlement is mentioned with the name Kourouklata al 'nor property registered in this area. Most likely until 1454 they would be uninhabited like other rocky and arid areas of the island.

According to the folklorist of Kefalonia, Evangelos Karousos, "most of the villages located in rocky barren and arid areas are newer, mainly the mountainous ones. First, reservoirs were built and then the inhabitants came and built houses."

The church of the village (Agios Ioannis o Chrysostomos) was destroyed by the earthquakes of August 15, 1953 and was rebuilt on the same spot. In the center of the church is an icon of the Virgin Mary holding the Virgin Mary called "Panagia Thematisiana" or "Damaskini" or "Sbarou". During the second major earthquake in Kefalonia on February 3, 2014 (aftershock), the upper part of the bell tower received a slope of about 40 degrees and was later removed for replacement / reconstruction.


Population censuses 1991,2001,2011 according to the coding of the 2011 Census, Hellenic Statistical Authority.

Municipal unit Argostoli
Municipal Community Argostoli
Argostoli (Αργοστόλι το)
Kokolata (Κοκολάτα τα)
Kompothekrata (Κομποθεκράτα τα)
Minia (Μηνιά η)
Community Agkonas
Agkonas (Αγκών ο)
Community Davgata
Davgata (Δαυγάτα τα)
Community Dilinata
Dilinata (Διλινάτα τα)
Community Zola
Zola (Ζόλα τα)
Community Thinaia
Kardakata (Καρδακάτα τα)
Community Kourouklata
Kourouklata (Κουρουκλάτα τα)
Community Nyfio
Nyfio (Νύφιον το)
Community Troianata
Demoutsantata (Δεμουτσαντάτα τα)
Mitakata (Μιτακάτα τα)
Troianata (Τρωιανάτα τα)
Community Faraklata
Drapano (Δράπανον το)
Prokopata (Προκοπάτα τα)
Razata (Ραζάτα τα)
Faraklata (Φαρακλάτα τα)
Community Farsa
Farsa (Φάρσα τα)

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