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Administrative Region : Ionian Islands
Regional unit : Kefalonia

Farsa (Greek: Φάρσα) is a village on the island of Kefalonia, Greece, part of the municipal unit of Argostoli. It is situated on the eastern shore of the Gulf of Argostoli. Farsata is 2 km northwest of Davgata, 4 km northeast of Lixouri (across the gulf) and 6 km north of Argostoli.

Records exist in the Venetian archives for this village since the early Venetian period (16th century). During World War II many Italian soldiers were posted there and it was one of the places that the Massacre of the Acqui Division took place.[CN] The 1953 Ionian Earthquake damaged many buildings in the old village of Farsa but did not totally destroy it. The remains of the old village are visible today. Dr. Nicholas Zaferatos, an environmental studies professor in the Huxley College at Western Washington University has made a study with his students on the renovation of the old village. The entire population that time as well as other parts of the island were homeless and part of the population left Farsa.

Historical population
Year Population
1981 132
1991 222
2001 263

Municipal unit Argostoli
Municipal Community Argostoli
Argostoli (Αργοστόλι το)
Kokolata (Κοκολάτα τα)
Kompothekrata (Κομποθεκράτα τα)
Minia (Μηνιά η)
Community Agkonas
Agkonas (Αγκών ο)
Community Davgata
Davgata (Δαυγάτα τα)
Community Dilinata
Dilinata (Διλινάτα τα)
Community Zola
Zola (Ζόλα τα)
Community Thinaia
Kardakata (Καρδακάτα τα)
Community Kourouklata
Kourouklata (Κουρουκλάτα τα)
Community Nyfio
Nyfio (Νύφιον το)
Community Troianata
Demoutsantata (Δεμουτσαντάτα τα)
Mitakata (Μιτακάτα τα)
Troianata (Τρωιανάτα τα)
Community Faraklata
Drapano (Δράπανον το)
Prokopata (Προκοπάτα τα)
Razata (Ραζάτα τα)
Faraklata (Φαρακλάτα τα)
Community Farsa
Farsa (Φάρσα τα)

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