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Administrative Region : West Greece
Regional unit : Aitoloakarnania

Korpi (Κορπή) Aitoloakarnania

Korpi is a semi-mountainous settlement in the prefecture of Etoloakarnania, with an altitude of 265 meters above sea level and a population of 7 inhabitants, in latitude 38.86 and longitude 20.95. The settlement developed around the famous fountain of the same name, where people from the surrounding areas went and paraded due to the thermal properties of the water [1] (locals say that water helps dissolve the stone in the stomach). However, Korpi's bottled water comes from drilling in the surrounding area and not from the source itself, although the chemistry of the water may be similar.

The seat of the municipality is Vonitsa and belongs to the geographical department of Central Greece and its official name is "Korpi". It is located at the northwestern end of the prefecture, at the northern end of the Akarnanian Mountains, in the former province of Xiromeros. It belongs administratively to the new municipality of Aktio-Vonitsa.

During the administrative division of Greece with the "Kapodistrias" plan, until 2010, Korpi belonged to the Local Department of Monastiraki, of the former Municipality of Anaktori of the Prefecture of Aetolia and Acarnania. The church of Agios Kosmas in Korpi built at the entrance of the settlement. It celebrates and operates on August 24 solemnly.


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Municipal unit Anaktorio
Municipal Community Vonitsa
Άκτιο, το
Vonitsa (Βόνιτσα, η)
Nea Kamarina (Νέα Καμαρίνα, η)
Community Agios Nikolaos Vonitsas kai Xiromerou
Άγιος Νικόλαος, ο
Άι Γιαννης, ο
Community Drymos
Drymos (Δρυμός, ο)
Πέτρα, η
Community Thyrio
Γούργουβλη, η
Θύριο, το
Community Monastiraki
Korpi (Κορπή, η)
Monastiraki (Μοναστηράκι, το)
Community Paliampela
Βαρκό, το
Βολίμι, το
Παλιάμπελα, τα
Ρούγα, η

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