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Administrative Region : West Greece
Regional unit : Aitoloakarnania

Drymos (Δρυμός) Aitoloakarnania

Drymos is a settlement of the Prefecture of Etoloakarnania [1]. It has an altitude of 30 meters and according to the 2011 census has 493 inhabitants. Administratively, it belonged to the Municipality of Anaktori until 2010, when it was abolished with the implementation of the Kallikratis program (2011) and joined the new municipality of Aktio-Vonitsa [2].

Historical data

On the hill "Tsouka", located between two streams and right next to the present village Drymos, the archeological and epigraphic findings identified the location of an ancient settlement, which was a port of ancient Thyrreio and from 31 BC. was administratively part of Nikopolis. Also, a little further west (in the place "Palioklisi") was found the existence of an important sanctuary (Asklipieion), which has been operating continuously since the 4th century BC. until the 2nd-3rd AD. century. The discovery of a Roman millionth (3rd century AD) testifies to the current location of the settlement, as the Roman road Limnaia-Thyrreio-Aktio / Lefkada passed through it. [3] Recently, a pre-Christian three-aisled basilica with a baptistery and many buildings was located, as well as a large building complex with baths next to the village as part of the construction of the Samario-Lefkada road, which is visible from the national road.

Churches - Monasteries

Holy Monastery of Agios Dimitrios
Holy Temple of Agios Dimitrios


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New data for the early Christian settlement in the Vonitsa Forest

Municipal unit Anaktorio
Municipal Community Vonitsa
Άκτιο, το
Vonitsa (Βόνιτσα, η)
Nea Kamarina (Νέα Καμαρίνα, η)
Community Agios Nikolaos Vonitsas kai Xiromerou
Άγιος Νικόλαος, ο
Άι Γιαννης, ο
Community Drymos
Drymos (Δρυμός, ο)
Πέτρα, η
Community Thyrio
Γούργουβλη, η
Θύριο, το
Community Monastiraki
Korpi (Κορπή, η)
Monastiraki (Μοναστηράκι, το)
Community Paliampela
Βαρκό, το
Βολίμι, το
Παλιάμπελα, τα
Ρούγα, η

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