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Administrative Region : West Macedonia
Regional unit : Grevena

Prefecture Grevena, Grevena Municipality

Grevena (Greek: Γρεβενά, Grevená, [ɣreveˈna], Aromanian: Grebini) is a town and municipality in Greece, capital of the Grevena peripheral unit. The town's current population is 10,447 citizens; it lies about 400 km from Athens and about 180 km from Thessaloniki. The municipality's population is 30,564. Grevena has had access to the Via Egnatia since the early 2000s, which now connects Igoumenitsa with Thessaloniki and Alexandroupoli at the border with Turkey. Mountains surround the municipality, which is situated by the river Greveniotikos, which itself flows into the Aliakmon. Other significant towns in the municipality are Amygdaliés and Méga Seiríni.




The earthquake that occurred in the region on 13 May 1995 with an intensity of 6.6 R caused only material damage. The worst hit area was the county of Ventzia. Luckily there were two warning earthquakes, of lesser intensity, that preceded the main earthquake by a few minutes and warned people. These warnings sent the population out of their houses. When the main earthquake came, it destroyed nearly all the houses in several villages of the Ventzia County - the houses collapsed to the ground - but fortunately all the inhabitants were outside.

Another earthquake on Monday 5 January 2005 measured 4.9 R, near Grevena. It took place at 18:00 (UTC), 20:00 local time (EET), and no damage was reported. Another earthquake with a measured intensity of 5.4 R occurred on Thursday 17 July 2007, 19:23 (UTC), 21:23 local time (EET), followed by weak seismic activity. Some older buildings were lightly damaged in villages northeast of Grevena.

The new municipality Grevena was formed at the 2011 local government reform by the merger of the following 13 former municipalities, that became municipal units:[1]

Kosmas o Aitolos
Theodoros Ziakas

Bridge in Trikomo (or Trikomon)

Portitsa Bridge, Grevena


Historical Population
Year Town population Municipality population
1981 7,739 —
1991 9,345 14,986
2001 10,177 15,481

Population statistics, 1981-2001.


^ Kallikratis law Greece Ministry of Interior (Greek)

Municipalities and communities of the Grevena Prefecture


Chasia | Deskati | Gorgiani | Grevena | Irakleotes | Kosmas o Aitolos | Theodoros Ziakas | Ventzio

Avdella | Dotsiko | Filippaioi | Mesolouri | Perivoli | Samarina | Smixi

Municipal unit Grevena
Municipal Community Grevena
Grevena (Γρεβενά, τα)
Doxaras (Δοξαράς, ο)
Kalamitsi (Καλαμίτσι, το)
Community Agioi Theodoroi
Agioi Theodoroi (Άγιοι Θεόδωροι, οι)
Aimilianos (Αιμιλιανός, ο)
Anthrakia (Ανθρακιά, η)
Despotis (Δεσπότης, ο)
Community Amygdalies
Agia Triada (Αγία Τριάς, η)
Amygdalies (Αμυγδαλέαι, αι)
Lochmi (Λόχμη, η)
Community Vatolakkos
Vatolakkos (Βατόλακκος, ο)
Community Elatos
Elatos (Έλατος, ο)
Kastro (Κάστρο, το)
Community Elefthero
Elefthero Prosfygon (Ελεύθερο Προσφύγων, το)
Elefthero (Ελεύθερο, το)
Community Kalochi
Agapi (Αγάπη, η)
Kalochi (Καλόχι, το)
Mesolakkos (Μεσόλακκος, ο)
Community Kyrakali
Kyrakali (Κυρακαλή, η)
Community Megalo Seirini
Megalo Seirini (Μέγα Σειρήνι, το)
Mikro Seirini (Μικρό Σειρήνι, το)
Community Myrsina
Asprokampos (Ασπρόκαμπος, ο)
Myrsina (Μυρσίνα, η)
Community Rodia
Rodia (Ροδιά, η)
Community Syndendro
Syndendro (Σύνδενδρο, το)
Community Felli
Eleftherochori (Ελευθεροχώρι, το)
Felli (Φελλίο, το)

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