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Perdiccas II was king of Macedonia from about 454 BC to about 413 BC. He was the son of Alexander I. During the Peloponnesian War Perdiccas changed the side on which he fought several times. In 431 BC he helped Athens in the siege of Potidaea. In 429 BC his kingdom was attacked by the forces of Sitalkes, King of Thrace. The attack was not successful, and Sitalkes and his army were defeated. In 424 BC Perdiccas helped Brasidas in the capture of Amphipolis. In 413 BC he died and left his son Archelaus as king. Perdiccas became famous not because he was a good king, but because he murdered most of his family during his reign.

King of Macedon
Preceded by: Alexander I
Succeeded by: Archelaus I

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