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Argaeus I (Greek: Αργαίος) was king of Macedon from about 678 BC to about 640 BC. He succeeded in the throne his father Perdiccas I.

Argaeus left as successor his son Philip I .

He is mentioned by Herodotus after 8.138 and by Junianus Justinus.

Herodotus Book 8

From the Perdiccas of whom we have here spoken, Alexander was descended in the following way:—Alexander was the son of Amyntas, Amyntas of Alcetas; the father of Alcetas was Aeropus; of Aeropus, Philip; of Philip, Argaeus; of Argaeus, Perdiccas, the first sovereign. Such was the descent of Alexander.

Preceded by: Perdiccas I

King of Macedon 678 BC–640 BC

Succeeded by: Philip I

Argead dynasty

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