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Lambda (upper case Λ, lower case λ) is the 11th letter of the Greek alphabet. In the system of Greek numerals it has a value of 30.

In art and photography, a lambda-print is a positive image, usually a photograph, executed on photographic (light-sensitive) paper using a dedicated laser printer (e. g. Durst Lambda or Océ LightJet), - Durst AG Italy were the first company to develop this digital imaging technology way back in 1995 - as opposed to a C-type or an inkjet print. Thus the phrase lambda print has entered the vocabulary. Tha Lambda was named so due to it being the unit of light wavelengh.

Upper-case letter Λ

  • The lambda particles in particle physics
  • The set of logical axioms in the axiomatic method of logical deduction in first-order logic
  • The cosmological constant

Lower-case letter λ

  • A unit of measure of volume (symbol λ) equal to one microlitre (1 μL) or one cubic millimetre (1 mm³)
  • The wavelength of a wave in physics
  • The Half-life of a radioactive element in physics.
  • The radioactive decay constant
  • The lambda phage virus in biology
  • Eigenvalues in linear algebra
  • Function expressions in lambda calculus and, by extension, some programming languages
  • The language Unlambda is a functional programming language based upon combinatory logic, a simplification of the lambda calculus that does not involve the lambda at all, hence the un- prefix.
  • Gay pride (explanations for this usage vary) and as a gay signifier, such as the Lambda Literary Award
  • The Half-Life computer game
  • stoichiometric fuel to air ratio oxygen sensor in an internal combustion engine's exhaust gas
  • A Japanese rocket type, Lambda (rocket)
  • A shuttle type in Star Wars, Lambda Shuttle.
  • Spartans Painted the Lambda symbol upon their shields; a feared sight of the ancient world was a wall of shields painted with the lambda.

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