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Gela is a city in the province of Caltanissetta in the south of Sicily, Italy. The city is at about 84 kilometers distance from the city of Caltanisetta, on the Mediterranean Sea. In 2001 the city had about 72,444 inhabitants. The city is larger than the provincial capital and is one of the largest but not in area which is second.

Timoleon Walls Gela, Italian Stamp

Very brief history

Around 688 BC, the city was founded by colonists from Rhodos and Crete, 45 years after Syracuse. The city was named after the river Gela. The Greek had many colonies in the south of current Italy, and for many centuries the Greek influence has been great here. Aischylos died in this city in 456 BC. From Gela, other parts of the island were also hellenized. Much archeological research has been taken place in and around the city and the archaeological museum exhibits many artefacts from the earlier periods of the city's history, among which there are a lot of vases. Both archaeology and writers from the classical period supply excellent sources for information on the earlier history of the city and surroundings.

In 405 BC, the city was sacked by Carthage. It became abandoned in 282 BC.

The later city was founded in AD 1233 by Frederick II by the name Terranova di Sicilia, by which it remained known until 1928.

Sights in and around Gela

Akropolis, Gela, Molino a Vento.

Weight from Gela

Archeological museum
Archeological site Capo Soprano
Greek temples


Archestratus of Gela

Polyzalos, one of the sons of Deinomenos the tyrant of Gela in Sicily who dedicated The Charioteer of Delphi to Apollo after winning a Pythian Games chariot race (478/0) BC.


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