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Magasa House

Magnesia on the Maeander Octobol, Horseman with spear, bull ready to attack, Text "MAGNETON" and DIONYSIOS DEMETRIOY, 350/300 BC

Artemis Temple and Altar in front

Mantineia (klick to enlarge)

Mantinea or Mantineia (Μαντίνεια), Arcadia ,


Marathon from Space (Battle of Marathon)

Maroulas on Kythnos

Some merchants have built great cities, as Protis, the founder of Massilia, to whom the Gauls near the Rhine were much attached. Some report also that Thales and Hippocrates the mathematician traded; and that Plato defrayed the charges of his travels by selling oil in Egypt. Plutarch Solon.

Massalia , Massilia (Marseille) / France, Massalia


Metapontum (Metapontion) / Italy

I will also relate what astonished me most in Methana. The wind called Lips, striking the budding vines from the Saronic Gulf, blights their buds. So while the wind is still rushing on, two men cut in two a cock whose feathers are all white, and run round the vines in opposite directions, each carrying half of the cock. When they meet at their starting place, they bury the pieces there. Pausanias, Description of Greece, Corinth



Methydrium (Μεθύδριον)/ Arcadia

Methymna Stater, Boar with text "MATHYMNAIOS", Head of Athena

Midea, Mideia / Argolis , Midea


Prehistoric Settlement in the Mikrothebes (Mikrothives, Nea Anchialos) junction, final neolithic period

Milos (Melos)

Miletos/Miletus , the birthplace of presocratic Philosophers such as Thales, Anaximander, Anaximenes


Mycalessus, Boeotia


Mylasa / Milas



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