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Administrative Region : East Macedonia and Thrace
Regional unit : Evros

Dadia (Greek: Δαδιά) is a village in the northwestern part of the Evros regional unit in Greece. Dadia is in the municipality of Soufli. Its population in 2001 was 800 for the village and 823 for the community, including the village Kotronia. It is located southwest of Soufli and north of Feres. The name originates from a resinous pine wood which in the past was used for lighting.

Year Village population Community population
1981 826 -
1991 737 -
2001 800 823

Dadia is situated on the western edge of the lower Evros valley, at the foot of wooded hills. The forests of Dadia are a well known nature reserve, in which endangered species of birds of prey, including Aquila heliaca and Aquila pomarina, find refuge.

Dadia was part of the Ottoman Empire until the Balkan Wars of 1913 and was known as Chamkoy or (Τσιάμκιοϊ, Çamköy) meaning "pine village". Between 1913 and the Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922) Dadia belonged to Bulgaria.
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