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Administrative Region : East Macedonia and Thrace
Regional unit : Evros

Agriani (Αγριάνη) Evros

Agriani is a lowland village in the regional unit of Evros at an altitude of 40 meters [1].

Geography - History

Agriani is located on the border of Greece with Turkey, north of the Dadia-Lefkimmi-Soufli Forest National Park and near Evros. It is 80 km NE of Alexandroupolis and 14 km north of Soufli. It is one of the settlements of Thrace where a large number of Roma live. The name of the village comes from the ancient Thracian tribe Agrianoi. During the Turkish occupation it was called Achrian Bunar which in Greek means Source of the Agrians. It is officially mentioned as a settlement in 1924 in the Government Gazette 194A-14/08/1924 to be annexed to the then community of Lavaron [2]. According to the Kallikratis Plan, together with the Protokklisi, they constitute the local community of Protokklisi, which belongs to the municipal unit of Orpheus of the Municipality of Soufli and according to the 2011 census has 530 inhabitants [3].

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