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Alassa (Greek : Άλασσα ) is a community of the District of Limassol located north of the Kouris Dam, on the main road from Limassol to Kakopetria.

The excavations of Cypriot archaeologists in the early 1980s unearthed the ruins of the Bronze Age city of Alassa. Among other things, the remains of a palace were discovered, and indication of a greater importance than today as a local trading center.[2] It is debatable whether Alassa was the capital of a kingdom of ancient Cyprus, Alašija. The archaeologist Claude Schaeffer has made claims about this.[3]

Nowadays Alassa was developed into a park-like tourist center.


^ Census 2001
^ S. Hadjisavvas: Alassa. A New Late Cypriote Site. In: Report of the Department of Antiquities Cyprus 1986. S. 62–76
^ C. F. A. Schaeffer: Enkomi-Alasia. Nouvelles missionsen Chypre, 1946–1950. Paris 1952.

Year Population


1960 141
1982 139
1992 182
2001 201

Alass - Palaiotaverna, 1400 - 1150 BC

Community Council President: Savvas Savva

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