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Hellenica World includies references about our world, starting from the past ... Contributions of text and illustrations suitable for improving and extending this website would be welcomed, and appropriately acknowledged.



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The Anabasis of Alexander, Arrian of Nicomedia, A Treatise on Painting, Leonardo Da Vinci, Herbals, Their Origin and Evolution, Agnes Arber, The Legendary History of the Cross, John Ashton Souvenir Album of the Great European War, Anonymous, The Races of Man, Joseph Deniker, The Story of Siena and San Gimignano , Edmund G. Gardner, The City of Auckland, John Barr, The Bronze Age and the Celtic World, Harold Peake, Aztec Ruins National Monument - New Mexico, John M. Corbett, Chats on Costume, G. Woolliscroft Rhead, Studies in the History and Method of Science, Ed. Charles Singer, The Classic Myths in English Literature and in Art (2nd ed.) (1911) , Charles Mills Gayley , The Geography of Strabo, Volume I, Volume II, Volume III by Strabo. Troy and its Remains, Heinrich Schliemann, The Histories of Polybius, Vol. I , Vol. II, by Polybius. Armour in England, by J. Starkie Gardner and V. A. Farquharson., Atlas of Ancient and Classical Geography , Samuel Butler , Mazes and Labyrinths by W. H. Matthews, More Books