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Andocides, or Andokidès (Ανδοκίδης ) (440-–390 BC) the son of Leogoras one of the ten Attic orators.

He was implicated during the Peloponnesian War in the mutilation of the Herms on the eve of the departure of the Athenian expedition against Sicily in 415 BC. Although he saved his life by turning informer, he was condemned to partial loss of civil rights and went into exile. He engaged in commercial pursuits, and returned to Athens under the general amnesty that followed the restoration of the democracy (403 BC), and filled some important offices. In 391 BC he was one of the ambassadors sent to Sparta to discuss peace terms, but the negotiations failed. Oligarchical in his sympathies, he offended his own party and was distrusted by the democrats. Andocides was no professional orator; his style is simple and lively, natural but inartistic.

Speeches extant

  • De Reditu, his plea for his return and removal of civil disabilities;
  • De Mysteriis, his defence against the charge of impiety in attending the Eleusinian Mysteries;
  • De Pace, advocating peace with Sparta;
  • Contra Alcibiadem, generally considered spurious.

Antiphon and Andocides (The Oratory of Classical Greece) by Michael Gagarin (Translator), Douglas M. MacDowell (Translator) University of Texas Press; 1998, ISBN: 0292728093

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