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Alexandra Miliopoulou

Alexandra Miliopoulou (Greek : Αλεξάνδρα Μηλιοπούλου)

I was born in Thessaloniki in 1953. I grew up in the nature of Thrace and Chalkidiki because of the occupation of my father until I was 13.
We end up in Thessaloniki where a substantial association with art begins.
In the age of 16 I have the honor to be the only student of Mr Alexandros Rousiadis.
After my first public appearance in 1970 I leave abroad (Germany, France) where I meet various well-known artists and in cooperation with them I learn a lot of things regarding their brushwork and their style.
I come back in 1977.

Art is a way of life for me.

Afterwards, in 1986 my inner evolution as a human, makes it’s appearance not only through painting, but also through music movement and speech.

1970 Participation to the exhibition for the whole Greece of Northern Greece Artists Union “POLYGNOTOS – PAIONIOS” in Thessaloniki.

1975 My first personal exhibition to the Greek consulate of Frankfurt in Germany.

1978 – 1980 I do art for children in a private school in Thessaloniki.

1979 Exhibition of my students, the subject was “Year of the Kid” and a speech named “Kid and Painting”.

Personal exhibition in “Macedonia Palace Hotel” in Thessaloniki.

1981 Personal exhibition in the city of Kastoria, in Gallery “Harmony”, in cooperation with municipality of Kastoria. Portraits and details of Greek houses with palette.

1982 Participation in a group exhibition in the city of Xanthi where the local municipality organized it.

1982 – 1983 Lab of Art in cooperation with Richmodis Dahlke, in Kalamaria of Thessaloniki. We teach the expression trough art.

Personal exhibition in Kalamaria of Thessaloniki, in the Lab of Art.

1983 Group exhibition in Thessaloniki with my colleagues from the “Lab of Art”.

1986 Personal exhibition in Thessaloniki and a speech with subject “The picture in our lives”.

Excellence in a group exhibition of expressionists in Athens.

1988 Personal exhibition in Thessaloniki at “Electra Palace” hotel with subject “Golgothas”.

1989 Participation in a fest of municipality of Kalamaria in Thessaloniki, with my own paintings and choreographs with subject “The Clown”.

1993 Participation in an event of municipality of “Constantinople” for children with special needs.

1995 Various personal exhibitions in coffee bars oh Thessaloniki.

1996 Personal exhibition in Thessaloniki with subject “Honour the Indians”, in the Y.M.C.A. cooperating with municipality of Thessaloniki.

Personal exhibition at the city of Serres with the same subject, in cooperation with municipality of Serres.

1997 Participation at “Earina of Sapon” in Thrace, with painting exhibition and classes for children in cooperation with municipality of Sapon.

1998 Presentation of my work in a coffee-bar of Thessaloniki.

2000 Personal exhibition in the city of Katerini at the club “HOOK FIREPLACE”. A donation and a retroactive exhibition at the Historical Files of Macedonia.

2001 March A participation at the group Antiwar exhibition of Photography and Painting in Thessaloniki subjected “Parade to Glory”, in cooperation with “Photo Center of Thessaloniki”.

September Personal exhibition at the Jockey Club of Thessaloniki.

December Participation at a festival of conservatoire “Bolero” at the area of Krini in Thessaloniki with paintings and various contractions.
Rough sketching of the cover page of the book of Elias Florakis titled “Charlie’s bar”, published by Kastaniotis publications.

2002 June Personal exhibition subjected “Looking towards Indians” at the coffee-bar “GIOYKALI” in cooperation with Photo Center of Thessaloniki. At this exhibition i presented items made of wood and leather.

September Personal exhibition at the coffee-bar “PICAROON” subjected “Looking towards Indians”.

2004 May Personal exhibition at “BOHEM” techno place – coffee shop, at the city of Serres with subject “EROTAS”.

Exhibition with subject “A writer shooting photos, a photographer is painting, a painter is writing”. I participated with scripts from my book: “I’m learning to dream”.

Personal exhibition at the coffee-bar “APSENTI” in Athens.

Personal exhibition at the Cultural Center of Thermi in cooperation with the local municipality.

2005 October Participation as a special guest to the first group exhibition
in Greece with subject “Skateboard Art Crimes”.

2006 I organize a seminar with subject “Consciously Travel to Inspiration and Ideas Levels”.

2008 Participation as a special guest into a group exhibition “Meeting of Style Graffiti Gallery” to a festival of municipality of Neapoli (Thessaloniki).

2008 Coproduction with municipality of Therni of group exhibition in order to make known to the public that a club named “Friends of Life and Art” in established, which I have the honor to be the Chairman. This exhibition took place in the Public Gallery of Thermi.

2008 Participation as a special guest in a group exhibition “Skateboard Art \ Crimes 3”, under the consideration of the Cultural department. The exhibition took place into the room of Art, of Architectural Department.

2008 I participate to the pictorial creations on skateboards, at the “MYLOS” gallery in Thessaloniki in cooperation with City Urban Living and “Skateboard Art Crimes”, sponsored by the Vodafone CU team, under consideration of municipality of Thessaloniki and the Cultural Department of Youth.

In 2001 a collection of poems and sketches with title “EROTAS” is being printed.
In 2002 my book “Learning to Dream” with sketches and texts is being printed.
In 2004 is being printed my collection with poems and works of art titled “EROTAS II”.

Some of my works are being accommodated in public picture galleries of Thessaloniki, Sapon, Rodopi, Serres. Furthermore, some of my works are being possessed in private collections abroad, in Germany, Bulgaria, India and U.S.A.


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