In Greek mythology, Sterope (/ˈstɛrəpiː/; Ancient Greek: Στερόπη, [sterópɛː], from στεροπή, steropē, lightning),[1] also called Asterope (Ἀστερόπη), was one of the seven Pleiades,[2] the daughters of Atlas and Pleione, born to them at Mount Cyllene in Arcadia. She was the wife of King Oenomaus of Pisa, or according to some accounts, his mother by Ares.[3] Sterope was also credited to be the mother of Evenus (father of Marpessa) by the said Olympian god.[4]

Greek Mythology

Oenomaus and Sterope from the Zeus Temple in Olympia, East Pediment, c. 460 BC

Greek Mythology

parts restored, Sterope or Hippodamia from the East pediment of the Zeus Temple in Olympia


USS Sterope (AK-96) was a United States Navy Crater class cargo ship named after the star.
Asterope was a name of 21 Tauri and 22 Tauri in the Pleiades cluster of stars
233 Asterope is a T-type main belt asteroid


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Greek Mythology

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