In Greek mythology , Phemius, or Phêmios was an Ithacan singer who was forced to help the suitors against Penelope.

Since he hadn't wanted to do so, Odysseus spared his life.

Odyssey, Book 1:

When each and every man had satisfied his need                              
for food and drink, their hearts craved something more—
dancing and song—the finest joys of dinner feasts.
A herald gave a splendid lyre to Phemius,
so he was forced to sing in front of all the suitors....   

Odyssey, Book 22:

And then the minstrel Phemius, son of Terpes,    
who'd been compelled to sing before the suitors,
kept trying to get away from his own murky fate.
He stood holding his clear-toned lyre by the side door,
his mind divided—should he slip out from the hall
and take a seat close to the altar of great Zeus,
god of the courtyard, where Laertes and Odysseus
had burned many thighs from sacrificial oxen,
or should he rush up to Odysseus' knee    
and beg him for his life...

Plato , Ion :

SOCRATES: And if I am not mistaken, you never met with any one among
flute-players or harp-players or singers to the harp or rhapsodes who was
able to discourse of Olympus or Thamyras or Orpheus, or Phemius the
rhapsode of Ithaca, but was at a loss when he came to speak of Ion of
Ephesus, and had no notion of his merits or defects?

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