In Greek mythology, Lampus or Lampos (Ancient Greek: Λάμπος), a Greek verb meaning "glitter" or "shine", may refer to:


Lampus, an elder of Troy, one of the sons of King Laomedon and Strymo,[1][2][3] father of Dolops.[4]
Lampus, a son of Aegyptus, who married and was killed by the Danaid Ocypete.[5]
Lampus, one of the fifty Thebans who laid an ambush against Tydeus and were killed by Apollo.[6]

Canine (dog)

Lampus, one of Actaeon's dogs[7]

Equine (horse)

Lampus, one of the two horses that drove the chariot of Eos, the other one being Phaethon[8]
Lampus, one of the four horses of Helios, alongside Erythreus, Acteon and Philogeus.[9]
Lampus, one of the four horses of Hector, alongside Aethon, Xanthus and Podarges[10]
Lampus, one of the mares of Diomedes[11]


They soon reached the Scaean Gates.
Oucalegaon and Antenor, both prudent men,
elder statesmen, sat at the Scaean Gates, 
with Priam and his entourage—Panthous, Thymoetes, 
Lampus, Clytius, and warlike Hikataeon. Old men now,
their fighting days were finished, but they all spoke well.
They sat there, on the tower, these Trojan elders, 
like cicadas perched up on a forest branch, chirping

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