In Greek mythology, Iphiclus (/ˈɪfɪkləs/, Ancient Greek: Ἴφικλος Iphiklos) was the name of the following figures:

Iphiclus, was other name for Iphicles, son of Alcmene and Amphitryon.
Iphiclus, was the son of Thestius and either Laophonte,[1] Leucippe,[2] Deidameia[3] or Eurythemis.[4] He was the brother of Althaea, Leda, Hypermnestra, Evippus, Plexippus and Eurypylus. Iphitus was one of the Argonauts,[5][6][7] and a participant in the hunt for the Calydonian Boar, where he was killed by Meleager.
Iphiclus, a Thessalonian man, son of Phylacus and Clymene, brother of Alcimede and Clymenus. He was described by Hesiod as fleet of foot. He was the father of Protesilaus, Podarces by Diomedeia.[8][9] Iphiclus was cured of infertility by Melampus, and gave him his famous herd of oxen in reward.[10] He is counted among the Argonauts who sailed for Colchis in their quest of the Golden Fleece.[11][12]
Iphiclus, son of Idomeneus of Crete.


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