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Erato - Oak panel, Simon Vouet

Erato (Ἐρατώ), ("lovely") was a Greek Muse, represented with a lyre. She was the Muse of lyric poetry and hymns. With Arcas, she had one son: Azan.

There is an Erato Street in New Orleans, between Clio and Thalia Streets.

The Muse Erato Print by Giuseppe Bartolomeo Chiari

The Muse Erato, Giuseppe Bartolomeo Chiari

Erato Muse Of Lyrical Poetry Print by Charles Meynier

Erato Muse of Lyrical Poetry, Charles Meynier

The Nine Muses, Erato, Lyric Poetry Print by Johann Heinrich Tischbein the Elder

The Nine Muses, Erato, Lyric Poetry, Johann Heinrich Tischbein the Elder

The Muse Erato Writing Verses Inspired By Love Print by Charles Meynier

The Muse Erato Writing Verses Inspired by Love, Charles Meynier

Erato Print by Hendrik Goltzius

Erato, Hendrik Goltzius

Greek Mythology

Erato, Pio Clementino, Inv 317

Greek Mythology

Erato, Sarcophagus, Louvre Ma475

Archelaos: The Muses and the Apotheosis of Homer

Muses on Stamps

Romantic Paintings

(Victorian Neoclassicism )

John William Godward (1861-1922), Erato at Her Lyre


There are two other mythical personages of this name

Erato, a nymph and the wife of Arcas, by whom she became the mother of Elatus, Apheidas, and Azan. She was said to have been a prophetic priestess of the Arcadian Pan. (Pausanias viii. 27. 9 .) and a Nereid. (Apollod. i. 3. 1, 2.§ 6; Hes. Theog. 247.)

Greek Mythology

Edward Simmons : Erato,

Greek Mythology

Erato , José Clara

Greek Mythology

 Erato, Francesco Furini

The Nine Muses










Greek Mythology

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