Artemis (Diana), the daughter of Zeus and Leto, known also as Mistress of Beasts (Potnia Theron).

Greek MythologyGreek Mythology

Greek Mythology

Artemis Pergaia

Greek Mythology

Abydos Tetradrachm, Artemis wearing a stephane, earing and necklace, over shoulder bow and quiver
Eagle , text "ABYDENON", a bunch of grapes, text TARMENIKOY, there was a temple of Artemis in Abydos

Greek Mythology

Magnesia on the Maeander Tetradrachm, Artemis Head, Apollo with a tripod ERONETOS ZOPYRIONOS (Herognetos son of Zopyrion) 190/133 BC


Artemis, Apollo and their mother Leto


On one handle of the Francois Volute Krater: Artemis as the Mistress of Beasts (Potnia Theron). Pausanias abour another image of Artemis: On what account Artemis has wings on her shoulders I do not know; in her right hand she grips a leopard, in her left a lion.

Greek Mythology

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