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Battle of Samos, April 1660, Battle of Milos, October 1645 ,

Maniates, Germanos of old Patras blessing the Greek banner, Souliotisses,

Souliotisses, Death of Ali Pasha, Death of Savvas Kaminaris,

Zalongos Dance, Claude Pinet,

Anagnostaras, Battle to conquer the Castle of Monemvasia, Castle of Monemvasia,

Liberation of Tripolitsa, Panagiotis Kephalas raises the Flag in Tripolitsa,

Chios Massacre, Battle of Spetses, Battle of Patras,

Siege of Missolonghi, Lord Byron at the Grave of Markaros Botsaris, Battle of Salona,

Capture of Athanasios Diakos, George Canning in Tsolias Dress,

Battle of Navarino, Battle of Gerontas, Battle of Tenedos,

Battle of Tenedos,

Battle of Lala, Battle of Alamana,

Karpenisi and Kaliakouda, War in Vasilika, First Battle of Athens,

Peta and Plantza, Battle of Tripolitsa, Battle of Chani tis Gravias,

God for the liberation of Greece, Bridge of Alamana, Agia Marina in Stylida, Sea Battles of the Greeks,

Fall of Constantinople, Battle of Lagkados, Kompoti and Peta, Battles of Argos Agionorio Korinthos,

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