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Administrative Region : Attica
Regional unit : West Attica

Vilia (Greek: Βίλια) is a village and a former municipality of West Attica, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Mandra-Eidyllia, of which it is a municipal unit.[1]

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The village Vilia lies west of the Greek National Road 3 (Elefsina - Thiva), about 3 km west of Oinoi and about 9 km east of Aigosthena, on the Gulf of Corinth. The area around Vilia is mountainous with Makri Oros (850 m) to the south, mount Kithaironas (1,409 m) to the northwest and Pastra to the northeast. Farmlands are situated in the valley areas. The ancient Eleutheriae lies to the northeast. Vilia is located northwest of Athens and Elefsina, ENE of Corinth and south of Thiva. The municipality includes villages in the easternmost part of the Gulf of Corinth including the ancient city of Aigosthena. Vília has a land area of 144.851 km² and a total population of 3,215 inhabitants. The municipality's largest villages are Vília (pop. 1,955 in 2001), Káto Alepochóri (pop. 412), Aigósthena (320), Psátha (172), and Ágios Nektários (136).

15/05/2009, Τελετή αποφοίτησης νέων πυροσβεστών


Agriculture is the main industry of the area around Vilia.

The municipal unit Vilia is subdivided into the following communities:

Agia Paraskevi
Agios Konstantinos
Agios Nektarios
Aigosthena (also Porto Germeno)
Ano Alepochori
Kato Alepochori
Kryo Pigadi
Profitis Ilias

Historical population
Year Town population Municipality population
1981 2,427 -
1991 1,912 3,412
2001 1,955 3,215

Vilia has a few schools, a lyceum or a middle school, a gymnasium or a high school, churches, a post office, banks and squares (plateies).
Notable people

Ellie Lambeti (1926–1983) actress


^ Kallikratis law Greece Ministry of Interior (Greek)

Municipal Community Vilia
Agia Paraskevi (Αγία Παρασκευή, η)
Agios Konstantinos (Αγιος Κωνσταντίνος, ο)
Agios Nektarios (Άγιος Νεκτάριος, ο)
Aigosthena (Αιγόσθενα, τα)
Ano Alepochori (Άνω Αλεποχώρι, το)
Veniza (Βένιζα, η)
Vilia (Βίλια, τα)
Kato Alepochori (Κάτω Αλεποχώρι, το)
Kryo Pigadi (Κρύο Πηγάδι, το)
Loumpa (Λούμπα, η)
Mytikas (Μύτικας, ο)
Profitis Ilias (Προφήτης Ηλίας, ο)
Psatha (Ψάθα, η)

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