Administrative Region : Ionian Islands
Regional unit : Kefalonia

Petalas (Πεταλάς) Kefalonia

Petalas is the largest island (area 5.5 km²) of the Echinades, among the Ionian Islands group of Greece. Some, including Leake, have conjectured that Petalas is the ancient Dulichium, from which the Iliad reports that 40 ships sailed to Troy, but Strabo and most modern authors prefer the identification of Dulichium with Makri, a nearby island. Petalas, privately owned, was recently offered for sale.

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Island of Petalas for sale

Municipal unit Pylareon
Community Agia Efimia
Agia Efimia (Αγία Ευφημία η)
Apasa (Άπασα η (νησίς))
Girovaris (Γηρόβαρης ο (νησίς))
Drakopoulata (Δρακοπουλάτα τα)
Kalogiros (Καλόγηρος ο (νησίς))
Lamprinos (Λαμπρινός ο (νησίς))
Modio (Μόδιο το (νησίς))
Xiropotamos (Ξηροπόταμος ο)
Petalas (Πεταλάς ο (νησίς))
Pistros (Πίστρος ο (νησίς))
Praso (Πράσο το (νησίς))
Sofia (Σοφία η (νησίς))
Soros (Σωρός η (νησίς))
Tsakalonisi (Τσακαλονήσιο το (νησίς))
Ferentinata (Φερεντινάτα τα)
Filippos (Φίλιππος ο (νησίς))
Community Divarata
Antipata (Αντιπάτα τα)
Divarata (Διβαράτα τα)
Loukata (Λουκάτα τα)
Community Makryotika
Makryotika (Μακριώτικα τα)

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