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Administrative Region : Thessaly
Regional unit : Magnisia

Municipality Milies

2-4-0 Tubize steam engine (1903) "VOLOS" in Milies station Original Photo John Foss 1990 (Source)

Milies (Greek: Μηλιές) is a village on Mount Pelion in Greece. It is a traditional Greek mountain village, at a height of 400 m. It is 28km from Volos, the capital city of the prefecture of Magnesia. It has traditional stone houses, cobbled roads, good restaurants and accommodation in abundance. Milies is also notable for being the terminus of the narrow gauge (60 cm) Pelion Railway, built by the Italian engineer, Ernesto de Chirico, between 1895 and 1903. This proved to be of considerable economic advantage to the region. Recently restored from Neo Lechonia to Milies (16 kms), trains run twice a week at the weekend. The village commands striking views across the Pagasitikos Gulf and benefits from the many streams and water sources that Mt. Pelion is renowned for. These result in rich vegetation and cool, forested mountain slopes.

Milies is also a former municipality with a population 3513 (2001)


Koropi, also known in the past as Boufa, is a village 22 km E of Volos. It is named after the ancient Koropi a small city with a temple dedicated to Apollo. In Koropi is the church of Agios Ioannis tou Theologou.


Nikolaos Pavlopoulos, (Νικόλαος Παυλόπουλος) from Agios Georgios Nileias

Anthimos Gazis and Grigorios Konstantas, 1814 the founder of the school "Psyhis Akos" (ΨΥΧΗΣ ΑΚΟΣ), today a library.

See also Milies in Euboea

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Municipal unit Milies
Community Agios Georgios Nileias
Αγία Τριάς, η
Άγιος Γεώργιος Νηλείας, ο
Ano Gatzea (Άνω Γατζέα, η)
Dyo Revmata (Δύο Ρεύματα, τα)
Kato Gatzea (Κάτω Γατζέα, η)
Community Vyzitsa
Argyraiika (Αργυραίικα, τα)
Vyzitsa (Βυζίτσα, η)
Community Kala Nera
Kala Nera (Καλά Νερά, τα)
Community Milies
Koropi (Κορόπη, η)
Milies (Μηλιές, οι)
Σταυροδρόμι, το
Community Pinakates
Agios Athanasios (Άγιος Αθανάσιος, ο)
Pinakates (Πινακάτες, οι)

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