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Lichada (Greek: Λιχάδα, older form: Lichas) is a village and a former community in Euboea, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Istiaia-Aidipsos, of which it is a municipal unit.[1] Its 2001 population was 240 for the village and 1,140 for the community. Lichada is located at the western tip of Euboea, northwest of Chalkida, west of Istiaia and Aidipsos.

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Agios Georgios
Gregolimano (Γρεγολίμανο) [2001 [pop: 1]
Kokkinias (Κοκκινιάς) [2001 pop: 7]



Year Settlement population Community population
1981 - 1,016
1991 275 1,153
2001 240 1,140


Houses were damaged during World War II and the Greek Civil War, and rebuilt afterwards.

Electricity and automobiles arrived in the 1960s, an asphalt road in the late-20th century, and television in the 1980s. Internet and computers arrived in the late-1990s. Many houses are abandoned.

Lichada was struck by a forest fire in July 2007. It consumed about 10 square kilometres of land in the mountains. Several houses and properties were damaged and residents were homeless.

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