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Lake Kremasta, Tatarna Bridge

Lake Kremasta (or Kremaston) (Greek: Λίμνη Κρεμαστών Limni Kremaston) is the largest artificial lake in Greece. The construction of the dam of Kremasta completed in 1969 and concentrates waters from four rivers: Acheloos, Agrafiotis, Tavropos and Trikeriotis. The water that is accumulated in the articifial lake is about 4,700,000,000 m³. It prevents flooding of the Acheloos, and contributes electricity to a national scale. The lake is located across the boundaries of the Aitoloakarnania and Evrytania prefectures and two bridges over the lake (Tatarna and Episkopi) connect Valtos and Evrytania. The water of the lake penetrates along the beds of the rivers, mentioned above, and it forms a lot of fiords and small islands. The GR-38 passes through the bridge of Tatarna over the lake of Kremasta and it is in the last stage of its construction.

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