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Administrative Region : West Greece
Regional unit : Achaia

Kamares (Greek: Καμάρες) is a village and a community in the east-northeastern part of Achaea, Greece. Kamares was an independent commune until 1994 when it became part of the municipality of Erineos, of which it was the seat. Erineos became part of the municipality Aigialeia in 2011. The community Kamares consists of the villages Kamares, Bouka and Pefka. Kamares is situated near the Gulf of Corinth, 9 km northwest of Aigio. The Greek National Road 8A (Patras - Corinth) and the railway from Patras to Corinth run through the village.

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Historical population
Year Village population Community population
1981 1,274 -
1991 1,309 -
2001 1,228 1,325

Municipal unit Erineos
Community Arravonitsa
Arravonitsa (Αρραβωνίτσα, η)
Synania (Συνανιά, τα)
Community Damakini
Βουνόπυργος, ο
Damakini (Δαμακίνι, το)
Community Ziria
Άνω Ζήρια, η
Ziria (Ζήρια, η)
Kyani Akti (Κυανή Ακτή, η)
Lampiri (Λαμπίρι, το)
Ροδινή, η
Sarkounas (Σαρκουνάς, ο)
Community Kamares
Kamares (Καμάρες, οι)
Bouka (Μπούκα, η)
Pefka (Πεύκα, τα)
Community Neos Erineos
Neos Erineos (Νέος Ερινεός, ο)
Community Salmeniko
Ano Salmeniko (Άνω Σαλμενίκο, το)
Voteni (Βοτένη, η)
Kato Salmeniko (Κάτω Σαλμενίκο, το)
Moni Agias Eleousis (Μονή Αγίας Ελεούσης, η)
Neo Salmeniko (Νέο Σαλμενίκο, το)

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