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Administrative Region : Central Greece
Regional unit : Fokida

Itea (Greek: Ιτέα meaning willow), is a town and a former municipality located in the southeastern part of the prefecture of Phokida. It is located south of GR-48/E65 which connects Antirio with the Rio-Antirio bridge and Itea along with GR-27, Amfissa and Livadeia with a junction in the north. It is located about 10 km S of Itea and about 20 km S of Amfissa, S of Lamia, about 15 km SW of Delphi, WSW of Livadeia, about 199 km W of Athens, E of Nafpaktos, and the Rio-Antirio bridge and GR-5 and 10 km N of Galaxidi.

The area around Itea is situated in a plain filled with farms and groves which connects up to the north near Amfissa. The mountains mainyl filled with rocks and bushes lie to the east and west. On clear days, the Peloponnese can be seen. Other views inclode Galaxidi, central and northern Phocis mountains including parts of the Parnassus and the Gkiona. The Bay of Itea is connected with the Gulf of Itea which is also Crisaean Gulf which connects with the Corinthian Gulf.

The name dates back to ancient times.

Historical population

Year Communal population Municipal population
1981 4438 -
1991 4303 5592
2001 4666 6072

The majority of the population live in Itea.

Itea has a school, a lyceum, a gymnasuim, a church, a post office, banks, hotels, taverns and a square (plateia) which is located north and a port in the central part and aligning within the residential area.

Division of the municipality

  • Itea / Δ.δ. Ιτέας [4666]
    • Itea / η Ιτέα [4666]
    • Agios Athanasios (island) / ο Άγιος Αθανάσιος (νησίδα) [0]
    • Agios Konstantinos (island) / ο Άγιος Κωνσταντίνος (νησίδα) [0]
  • Kirra / Δ.δ. Κίρρας -- η Κίρρα [1303]
  • Tritaia / Δ.δ. Τριταίας -- η Τριταία [103]

Municipalities of the Phocis Prefecture

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