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Administrative Region : Crete
Regional unit : Chania

Georgioupoli (Greek: Γεωργιούπολη) is a resort village and former municipality in the Chania peripheral unit, Crete, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Apokoronas, of which it is a municipal unit.[1] It is located 43 km east of Chania, about 22 km west of Rethymno and about 100 km west of Heraklio in the Apokoronas region. It was named after Prince George of Greece, high commissioner of the island in the last years of Ottoman occupation.

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Georgioupolis is found at the apex of Almiros Bay on the Sea of Crete, with Cape Drapano and its rocky coast to the north and the long sandy beaches towards Rethimno in the east, just 20 km away. Three rivers meet the sea at the village; the largest, Almiros, creates a small harbour for fishing and tourist boats. The entrance to the village on the old road from Vrisses is a long avenue of eucalyptus trees.
Agios Nikolaos church
Georgioupolis beach

Formerly a small fishing village, Georgioupolis is very much a tourist town now, with many cafés, tavernas and small hotels and apartment blocks. The town square is surrounded by outdoor seating used by tourists enjoying their drinks and ice creams. The 9 km beach is the main attraction of the area, with Kalyvaki beach on the other side of the river as well. Nearby Lake Kournas is also a popular excursion by foot, bicycle or tourist 'train'. Georgioupolis is a well-located base for exploring the traditional villages of the area towards Vamos or into the White Mountains to the south.

Archaeological evidence points to Georgioupoli as the site of ancient Amphimalla (Amfimala or Amfimalion), the port of Lappa, a classical city at modern Argyroupoli.

Municipal unit

Georgioupolis, with 513 residents (as of 2001 census), is the largest village of the municipal unit of the same name, covering several other villages inland as far as Kournas. The town hall of Georgioupoli municipality is at Kavros-Kournas. The Mayor is, as of 2005, Georgios Papadakis. As of the elections on 15 October 2006, the mayor is now Ferdinandos Marikakis.

In 2010 the new Kalikratis plan was introduced, bringing all municipalities in Apokoronas, including Georgioupoli, together. On 14 November 2010 Grigoris Markakis was elected mayor of Apokoronas, at the head of the DEKA party, winning after the second round of voting.


Georgioupoli, Georgioupoli, Georgioupoli,

Georgioupoli, Georgioupoli, Georgioupoli,

Bay of Georgioupolis [Source]

Kournas Lake [Source]

Georgioupoli Region, Click image to enlarge

Sunrise over Georgioupoli and Lefka Ori (White Mountains)

Historical population
Year Village population Municipality population
1991 616 -
2001 513 2,483

Sister cities

Community Georgioupoli
Asproulianoi (Ασπρουλιάνοι, οι)
Georgioupoli (Γεωργιούπολις, η)
Kavallos (Κάβαλλος, ο)
Mathes (Μαθές, ο)
Mouri (Μουρίον, το)

Old Municipality of Georgioupoli

The population of the municipality of Georgioupoli was 2.483 in the year 2001 divided in

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