Administrative Region : Thessaly
Regional unit : Magnisia

Dimini (Διμήνι) Magnisia

Dimini was a prehistoric settlement (4,800 BC) of the modern Neolithic era, ie after the pre-ceramic period and before the final Neolithic. It is located near today's town of the same name and is 4 km from Volos.

Today's Diminio (height 60m. Cat. 2.109 - description 2001) belonged until 2010 to the Municipality of Aisonia. Aesonia dates back to antiquity and is the westernmost part of the Volos region.

Excavation history

In 1886, Lolling and Wolters excavated the Mycenaean vaulted tomb known as the Lamiospitos. After this accidental discovery, the first excavations were made in the area in 1887 in collaboration with Greek and foreign archaeologists.

In 1901, Valerios Stais discovered the vaulted tomb on the hill of the Neolithic settlement. He worked in the settlement of Dimini with Christos Tsountas from 1901 to 1905. These systematic excavations highlighted the importance of the settlement. Remains of this Neolithic settlement brought to light the settlement that had a fortified citadel, successive enclosures, houses and tombs. [1]

In 1977, George Chourmouziadis continued the excavations in the Neolithic settlement. The excavations of the Mycenaean settlement in Dimini were continued in 1980 by Vasiliki Adrymi-Sismani. In 2001, excavations revealed a Mycenaean city and a palace complex believed to be part of ancient Iolkos. An engraved stone and an engraved shell confirm the script Linear B.
Dating of the Neolithic settlement

The phases of the Neolithic era (Mesolithic, pre-ceramic, modern and final Neolithic) are not uniform in all regions of the world. According to professor archaeologist Christos Tsountas, the Neolithic era in Greece began in 6,800 BC.
Peculiarities of the settlement

Dimini offers us the most complete picture of a Neolithic settlement found to date and additionally gives us the information of a specially fortified citadel with successive orchards. [2]

Reconstruction of the Neolithic settlement at Dimini

Wheelmade painted figurine of a bovid , Dimini, Late Bronze Age


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Municipal unit Aisonia
Municipal Community Dimini
Dimini (Διμήνι, το)
Κάκκαβος, ο
Παλιούρι, το
Community Sesklo
Sesklo (Σέσκλο, το)
Χρυσή Ακτή Παναγίας, η

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