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Demetrias (Greek, Modern: Δημητριάδα, Ancient/Katharevousa: -ιάς -ias, sometimes spelled Dimitrias): Ancient city in Magnesia (east central Greece), near the modern city of Volos. Founded by Demetrius Poliorcetes, one of the successors (diadochi) of Alexander the Great.

In Demetrias, military base and dockyard of the Macedonians (294-167) BC were settled many militaries Magnetes and Macedonians, as well as mercenariers from different parts of Crete such as Lyttos, Tylissos, Polyrenia, Priansos (Praisos), from Illyria (Apollonia) and Akarnania, but also allies of Macedonians from Epirus and Thrace.

Demetrias, Painted Stele, Hellenistic Period

Demetrias, Painted Stele, Hellenistic Period

Antigenes from Demetrias, Stele

Minos just sent me, Antigenes to the islands of happy people, as I had got fatal wounds on the head and my body was pricked from spears, at the moment that the goddess of war (Enyo) encouraged me during the infantry battle against the Aitolians....

Demetrias Theater

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