Archaeological Museum of Volos

Antigenes son of Sotimos

Archaeological Museum of Volos

Minos just sent me, Antigenes to the islands of happy people, as I had got fatal wounds on the head and my body was pricked from spears, at the moment that the goddess of war (Enyo) encouraged me during the infantry battle against the Aitolians. My family, the old among Magnetes and my blissful homeland the town of Demetrias and my mother Soso, didn't cry for me, the trueborn son of Sotimo's. Because I was not going with the soul of a woman against the enemy but while I saved the Lochos of Ephebi, and they know well what I say, and while I was fighting for Zeus Akraios, for my army and for the memory of Alexander the Great who had a great courage, I covered with my body the land of Fthiotic Thebes.

Archaeological Museum of Volos
Photo/Source © I. Iasonidis

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