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Administrative Region : Attica
Regional unit : West Athens

Agioi Anargyroi (Greek: Άγιοι Ανάργυροι, "Holy Unmercenaries", saints who received no payment for their medical services) is a suburb in the northern part of Athens, Greece, named for Saints Cosmas and Damian. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality Agioi Anargyroi-Kamatero, of which it is the seat and a municipal unit.[2]

It is located SW of Kifissia, W of Marathonos Avenue, NE of Athens, E of Peristeri . The main streets are Kifissou Avenue which is now a superhighway which is also GR-1/E75 for northbound and GR-89 for the southbound lanes, a municipal boundary to its west. Treis Gefyres (Three bridges in English) on the south of Agioi Anargyroi were renovated between 1996 and 2001. Another main street links to Nea Filadelfeia. Attiki Odos is 3 km (1.86 mi) south. Also Thivon Avenue runs to the west.

Proastiakos in Agioi Anargyroi coming from the airport to Athens

The area was made up of farmlands and some forests dominated the area. The forests are in the squares. In the mid-20th century, urban development replaced much of the farmlands. Today, much of the municipality are urbanized while the businesses are within the main roads. Many of the trees are aligned with the streets and in squares.

Agioi Anagryroi has schools, lyceums, gymnasia, churches, banks, a train station, a sports centre, cinemas, post offices and squares (plateies). The church in its main square was built by a former mayor, Ilias Melas.

The main railway line of OSE from Athens to Thessaloniki runs across the town, from south to north. There is also a station on the old SPAP line used only by freight and departmental trains. A suburban railway station is under construction on the OSE mainline.

Historical population
Year Population
1971 26,094
1981 30,320
1991 30,739
2001 32,957

International relations

Agioi Anargyroi is twinned with:

Poland Opole, Poland[3]



^ "Δείτε τη Διοικητική Διαίρεση" (in Greek). Hellenic Interior Ministry. Retrieved 09 September 2009.


Agioi Anargyroi (Άγιοι Ανάργυροι) Argolis
Agioi Anargyroi (Άγιοι Ανάργυροι) Arta
Agioi Anargyroi (Άγιοι Ανάργυροι) West Athens
Agioi Anargyroi (Άγιοι Ανάργυροι) Karditsa
Agioi Anargyroi (Άγιοι Ανάργυροι) Kastoria
Agioi Anargyroi (Άγιοι Ανάργυροι) Kozani
Agioi Anargyroi (Άγιοι Ανάργυροι) Larissa

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