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In Aegina, as you go towards the mountain of Zeus, God of all the Greeks, you reach a sanctuary of Aphaea, in whose honor Pindar composed an ode for the Aeginetans. The Cretans say (the story of Aphaea is Cretan) that Carmanor, who purified Apollo after he had killed Pytho, was the father of Lubulus, and that the daughter of Zeus and of Carme, the daughter of Eubulus, was Britomartis. She took delight, they say, in running and in the chase, and was very dear to Artemis. Fleeing from Minos, who had fallen in love with her, she threw herself into nets which had been cast (aphemena) for a draught of fishes. She was made a goddess by Artemis, and she is worshipped, not only by the Cretans, but also by the Aeginetans, who say that Britomartis shows herself in their island. Her surname among the Aeginetans is Aphaea; in Crete it is Dictynna (Goddess of Nets). Pausanias

East Pediment (490-480) BC

937 BC. Laomedon King of Troy is slain by Hercules. Priam succeeds him. Sir Isaac Newton, A short chronicle: From the First Memory of things in Europe to the Conquest of Persia by Alexander the Great

Conquest of Troy by Telamon and Hercules. (An expedition a generation before that led by King Agamemnon). King of Troy was Laomedon. He and all his sons except Priamus were killed by Hercules with his bow. Greeks and Trojans fighting and Athena as observer in the center.

The East pediment figures were constructed probably 10 years later than the West pediment figures. In this time we have a small evolution in Art. Compare as an example the dying figures in the eastern and western pediment! Specialists say that the East Pediment 2 replaced a previous version (East Pediment 1)among other for political reasons.

A convergence of the sculptures towards the center





The dying King Laomedon from Troy 3D View (German page)


A color reconstruction of Figure 2 (a Trojan?) with a Chalcidian helmet


Figure 2 as it is today, Aphaia pediment head E-IX Glyptothek Munich 90

3-6 3 Trojans, 4 Greek warrior, (5 Telamon)


Athena Aphaia

Priam the only surviving the fight

8 Trojan warrior


Aphaia pediment warrior E-III Glyptothek Munich 87

9 Greek bringing a helmet


Aphaia pediment warrior E-IV Glyptothek Munich 88

10 Hercules with his bow (lost) (a possible color reconstruction)


Original Aphaia pediment Herakles E-V Glyptothek Munich 84



Heracles and Nike

Heracles Pottery Image with similarity to the Aphaia Heracles

11 Greek wounded warrior

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