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Mike Lazaridis , Report , Forbes Report , The Perimeter Institute (PDF 2.2 MB) , Physics Today

George P. Mitchell from Texas, son of a Greek immigrant, an engineer who started a natural gas company he discovered natural gas fields. He is founder of the Mitchell Energy and the Woodlands Development Corp. He is in the list of the 400 most rich Americans A Conversation with George Mitchell Forbes Info , http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2004-08/tau-tfu080304.php

Private research or non academic, controversial or not classified

The VAN Group ( Panayiotis Varotsos, Kessar Alexopoulos and Konstantine Nomicos) VAN Method to predict Earthquakes (a Method that concerning its effectivity divides the experts in Pro and Contra, but the only method for short term prediction and not only based on statistics) The Group claimed 1996 it predicted 10 of 14 Earthquakes with 3 Earthquakes in inactive regions. The Contra experts say that the transformation of signals in predictions is unclear like the explanation of the production of these signals and R.J.Geller says that not even one Earthquake has been predicted. See: Discussion of The VAN Method of Short-Term Earthquake Prediction by Seiya Uyeda (Japan) and New Scientist , Scientific American VAN Method Lacks Validity , R.J. Geller (PS File)

Elisabet Sahtouris American/Greek evolution biologist, futurist, business consultant, event organizer and UN consultant on indigenous peoples (Gaia Theory) Info


Important Scientists for the development of Science in modern Greece

Georgios Ioakimoglou (Γεώργιος Ιωακείμογλου Info in Greek) Pharmacology
Dimitris Aiginitis (22.7.1862 Athens “ 13.3.1934) Astronomy ( Δημήτριος Αιγινήτης , Info in Greek) more Info in Greek
Andreas Mihalis Andreadis (1876 Corfu - 29.5.1935 Athens) ( Ανδρέας Μιχαήλ Ανδρεάδης Info in Greek)
Elias Mariolopoulos ( Ηλίας Μαριόπουλος (1900 Athens - 1991) ) (Meteorology, Climatology) (Image) Mariolopoulos-Kanaginis Foundation
John N. Xanthakis ( Ιωάννης Ξανθάκης )(1904 Gythio/Lakonia – 10.7.1994) Astronomy
Konstantinos Horemis (1898 Klimenti/Korinthia 1966) Medicine ( Κωνσταντίνος Χωρέμης Info in Greek)
Basil S. Proimos Biomedical Engineering, Medical Physics Otto Schmitt Award 2003
Marinos Geroulanos ( Μαρίνος Γερουλάνοςς Info in Greek)

THE GREEK THE GREEKMA MATHEMA THEMATICAL TICAL SOCIETY SOCIETY Its predecessors, its founders, and some highlights from its life (PDF File)

Miscellaneous (Inventions, Design, Technology...)

In the News

John Giapintzakis (Crete) , Carbon Nanofoam Produced By Greek, Australian and Russian Physicists

Agni Vlavianos-Arvanitis (Αγνή Βλαβιανός Αρβανίτη)(9.3.1936) (Info) Biology researcher, Founding President of the Biopolitics International Organization (B. I. O.) with the goal to promote respect for the gift of bios (life) and international co-operation for the protection of the bio-environment. With Greece as its operating basis, the Biopolitics International Organization has gained international acclaim in 85 countries around the world. Many awards , in 1995 she was nominated as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. (Bios Prize Awards )

Kostas Tsipis 1984 American Physical Society Leo Szilard Award, member of the Board of Directors of the Council for a Livable World, the "Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists", the Peace Research and European Security Studies Institute in Stuttgart, founder and Chairman of the Board of the Greek Institute for International and Strategic Studies. He serves as scientific advisor to the Committee for East West Accord, Physicians for Social Responsibility (Boston), the Council on Economic Priorities, the World Council of Churches, Senator John Kerry's Arms Control Committee, the Center for War, Peace and the News Media, and the Greek government

Demosthenes B. Panagiotakos of Harokopio University in Athens, Mediterranean diet and health (Info)

Other stories

History of Science

Yorgos Goudaroulis
Kostas Giavroglou

Παράρτημα: Ο ΝεοελληνικÏŒς ΔιαφωτισμÏŒς


The Transmission and Assimilation of Scientific Ideas to the Greek Speaking World ca. 1700-1900 - The Case of Chemistry


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