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Miltos Manetas (born October 6, 1964 in Athens) is a Greek painter and multimedia artist. He currently lives and works in Highgate[1]

Manetas has created Internet Art as well as paintings of cables, computers, video games and Internet websites. His work has been collected by Charles Saatchi.[2][3] He is also the founder of "Neen", an Internet-based art movement.[4]

Manetas presented the Whitneybiennial.com, an online exhibition that challenged the 2002 Whitney Biennial show.[5][6][7]


Born in Athens, Greece, Miltos Manetas moved to Milan at the age of 20.[8] In 1995 he was included in Traffic, the survey exhibition curated by Nicolas Bourriaud that helped to launch the Relational Aesthetics art movement.

Manetas was categorized as one of artists of that movement in the catalogue of the Traffic show,[9] and later, in Bourriaud's book Relational Aesthetics.[10] But at this time, Manetas decided to change his approach to art, abandoning performance, objects and site specific installations, and he began making paintings about computer technology, exploring the possibilities of creating art by using video games and the Internet.[11]

In 1996, Manetas moved to New York City and began working on a series of video game-related artworks, using Lara Croft and Mario as "ready-made" characters. In SuperMario Sleeping, a video from 1998, Mario sleeps under a tree, while in Flames, a 1997 video, Lara Croft is constantly getting hurt. Both works were exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, in the exhibition entitled Made in Italy. It was at that occasion that The Guardian published an article on Manetas calling him the El Greco of the Geeks.[12]

In subsequent years, Manetas displayed exhibitions throughout the world. Another important show was Elysian Fields at Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris,[13] curated by the Purple Institute.

Manetas then commissioned a California branding agency to come up with a new term that would bring a radical change to his work. In spring of 2000, Manetas presented the new name, Neen, to an exhibition-performance held at the Gagosian Gallery in New York City.[14]

Following this presentation, Manetas moved to Los Angeles, where he started his ElectronicOrphanage enterprise. He hired young people with experience in contemporary art and/or design, asking them to abandon what they were doing to test ideas for the Internet. In 2002, Manetas presented the Whitneybiennial.com, an online exhibition which challenged the 2002 Whitney Biennial show.[15][16]

In 2007, London's Hayward Gallery commissioned Manetas to do a special project around the idea of Existential Computing, a new term he was using for his practice.[17] During this show, Manetas met Malcolm McLaren and they participated together in a show that artist Stefan Bruggemann curated at the I-20 gallery in New York City in September 2007.[18] Manetas' work for this exhibition was a piece commissioned previously by Newcastle's Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art and the British magazine Dazed & Confused for the Dazed & Confused versus Andy Warhol exhibition. It consisted solely of a URL written on the wall: "http://www.ThankYouAndyWarhol.com.

In 2009, Manetas together with curator Jan Aman, created the first ever "Internet Pavilion" for the Venice Biennale. As a part of this work, they invited ThePirateBay and the Piratbyrån activists to participate and make their first "Embassy of Piracy."[19]

Selected Exhibitions


SEVEN RESOLUTIONS, La Central, Bogota, Colombia (SOLO SHOW)
PIRATE PAINTINGS, GloriaMaria Gallery, Milan, Italy (SOLO SHOW)
NETinSPACE, MAXXI-Museo nazionale delle arti del XXi secolo, Rome, Italy


UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, 53rd International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia, Collateral Events, Arsenale Novissimo, Venice, Italy[20]
PADIGLIONE INTERNET, 53rd International Art Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia, Collateral Events, Venice, Italy
THANKYOUANDYWARHOL.COM, Galería Casado Santapau, Madrid (SOLO SHOW)


Kunstmaschinen Maschinenkunst (ART MACHINES MACHINE ART), Tinguely Museum, Basel, CH and Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt, German
THE ALLIANCE, Hyundai Galleries, Beijing, China , Seoul, Korea
ON TIME, EAST WING COLLECTION 8, The Courtauld Institute of Art, London, UK


THE INTERNET PAINTINGS, Blow de la Barra Gallery, London (SOLO SHOW)
SHALLOW, Curated by Stefan Bruggemann, I-20 Gallery, NY
ON FAIT LE MUR, Curated by Jean-Marc Avrilla,Espace de l’Art Concret, Mouans Sartoux, France
HER(HIS)STORY, Curated by Marina Fokidis at the Cycladic Museum in Athens
DAZED AND CONFUSED VERSUS ANDY WARHOL, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, UK
GAMEWORLD, Laboral, Gijon, Spain


DOGS AND CABLES, Yvon Lambert Gallery , NY, USA (SOLO SHOW)
MIND GAMES, The Art of Videogames, Prince Charles Cinema, London
THE LONG WALK, Contemporary Art Museum, Athens, Greece
UNTITLED EXHIBITION, Rebecca Camhi Gallery, Athens
AN OUTING, Leonidas Beltsios Collection, Trikala, Greece
SUPERNEEN, Galleria Pack, Milan


ELECTROSCAPE, Zendai Museum, Shanghai, China
FROM NEEN TO SONAR, Sonar Festival, Barcelona
NEEN DAY, Sketch, London
COHABITATS, Ghislaine Hussenot Gallery, Paris
EXISTENTIAL COMPUTING, Hayward Gallery, London , UK


MEMOIRS OF THE DEVIL, Cosmic Gallery, Paris , France (SOLO SHOW)
MEDIACITY SEOUL, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
DIGITAL SUBLIME, New Masters of Universe”, MoCA Taipei, Taiwan
CURIOUS WISHES, Palais De Tokyo, Paris


TIRANA BIENNIAL, Tirana, Albania


JESUSSWIMMING, Moca, Tucson, Arizona (SOLO SHOW)
URGENT PAINTING, Museum of Modern Art, Paris, FR
MEDIACITY SEOUL, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
AFTERNEEN, Casco, Utrecht, Holland


MY REALITY: The Culture of Anime and Contemporary Art, Des Moines Art Center Brooklyn Museum of Art, NY


NEEN, a new Art Movement, Gagosian Gallery, NY 2000 (SOLO SHOW)
PRESUMED INNOCENT, CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art, Bordeaux, FR
ELYSIAN FIELDS, Centre Pompidou, Paris, FR


AFTER VIDEOGAMES, Lux Gallery, London 1999 (SOLO SHOW)
EIGHT PERFECT PAINTINGS, Lawing Gallery, Houston, Texas (SOLO SHOW)
LE CAPITAL, Contemporary Art Center of Sete, FR
Active Worlds, CHELSEA, ARCO ART FAIR -Galleria New Santandrea
Synopsis 1, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, GR


MIRRORSITES 98, Postmasters Gallery , New York, Philippe Rizzo, Paris, Dan Bernier, Los Angeles (SOLO SHOWS)


FATTO IN ITALIA – Contemporary Art from Italy, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Geneva


SELECTED OBJECTS, Le Consortium Centre d’Art Contemporain, Dijon.(SOLO SHOW)
SHOPPING, Deitch projects, Guggenheim Museum Soho, NYC
TRAFFIC, CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art, Bordeaux, FR
BEIGE, Curated by Purple Magazine, Olivier Zahm and Elein Fleiss, Saga Basement, Copenhagen


100 Years after Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, Essays by Miltos Manetas (London 2006, soft cover, 97 pages published by ElectronicOrphanage press)
MILTOS MANETAS, Paintings from Contemporary Life. (by Lev Manovich and Franck Gautherot, Published by Johan & Levi Editore Feb 2009
NEEN (by Miltos Manetas et al.; Italy, Charta, 2006, ISBN 88-8158-601-0)

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