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Autolycus of Pitane (Αυτόλυκος ο Πιταναίος) (c. 310 BC) a Greek mathematician, astronomer, and geographer.

Born in Pitane, in the Asia Minor region of Aeolis, Autolycus wrote two treatises on mathematical astronomy, which are considered the oldest known works on the subject.

The first work of one book, called, in English translation, On the movement of the sphere, concerns spherical astronomy, and spherical revolutions and axes in connection with geographical latitude.

The second work, called, in English translation, On the Rising and Setting of Stars, consists of 2 books. The first posits 13 astronomical questions, while the second discusses the division of the circle of the zodiac into twelve equal parts.

Euclid consulted Autolycus' first work in writing his Phaenomena. Autolycus was cited by Diogenes Laertius and Francesco Maurolico translated his works in the sixteenth century.

The lunar crater Autolycus is named after him.

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