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Inachus is one of the Oceanids in Greek mythology, Inachus was married to Melia, with whom he had one son: Phoroneus. He personified the eponymous river in Greece. He is the father of Io. He founded the city of Argos after rendering the province of Argolis inhabitable again, following the deluge of Deucalion.

Ocean and Tethys had a son Inachus, after whom a river in Argos is called Inachus. He and Melia, daughter of Ocean, had sons, Phoroneus, and Aegialeus. Aegialeus having died childless, the whole country was called Aegialia; and Phoroneus, reigning over the whole land afterwards named Peloponnese, begat Apis and Niobe by a nymph Teledice. Apis converted his power into a tyranny and named the Peloponnese after himself Apia; Apollodorus, Library and Epitome 2.1.1

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