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In Greek mythology, Adrastus, or Adrastos ("he who stands his ground", son of Talaus) was one of the three kings at Argos, along with Iphis and Amphiaraus, who was married to Adrastus' sister Eriphyle. His daughters (Argea and Deipyle) married Polynices and Tydeus, respectively. When his sons-in-law were chased out of Thebes, Adrastus helped organize the Seven Against Thebes. Adrastus was the only survivor of the battle and he died from grief over the death of his son, Aegealeus. He was venerated as a god in some cities, especially Sicyon.

  1. Another Adrastus was the son of Gordias, the Phyrgian King, with the Queen, Eurynome. He accidentally killed his brother and exiled himself to Lydia, where King Croesus welcomed him. Once again, Adrastus accidentally killed Croesus' son and then committed suicide.
  2. In Greek mythology, a third Adrastus was the son of Merops, King of Percote, and brother to Amphius. Adrastus and Amphius led a military force from Adrastea, Apaesus, Pityeia and Tereia to the Trojan War - despite the entreaties of their father, a seer, who could foresee that death awaited them on the battlefield. Sure enough, Adrastus, son of Merops, was slain by King Agamemnon.
  3. A fourth Adrastus, also from Greek mythology, was the father of Eurydice, the wife of King Ilus of Troy the mother of Laomedon. He is otherwise unknown, but this Adrastus may be the eponym of the town or city of Adrastea in northwest Asia Minor, on the Hellespont.

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